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Love the red

Beautiful presentation simple and fun. I got my deck in red and use it on some tricks because it is easy to handle for sleight of hands.

Excellent deck

One of my favorite cards to display and use during magic presentation. It is elegant and it handles extremely well.

Attractive deck

I enjoyed the look of this card and the color used. The design on the back of the card is well done and attractive. It handles well for magic tricks and pocket playing.


Extremely high quality. Awesome pad.

Amazing l

Easy to make, and easy to perform. Great reactions too.

V2 got even better

I own several of the V1 version and I didn’t think they could improve. They did. Handling is better and view from the Side is more pronounced but easily hidden. Sweet tricks you can do with this deck.

Nice cards

very nice, love the minimalist look

Gold Revolvers

Really nice and luxury deck

First cardisty deck

Handle great, durable after hours of shuffling. Love the mirrored lighthouse design and the extra flare for ace spades. Would buy again. One dislike, don't care for the joker's design.

Love em

I use these cards every day for street magic and cardistry. They are my go-to cards.

Cards are great

The cards are super nice. Great for magic and also cardistry.

Mako Red
Love these!

Gemini knows how to make them. The red is super bright, they feel great in the hand, just great cards!

More please

The durability alone makes them worth picking up. Cartamundi continues to impress and in the magic and cardistry world, they’re just getting started.

If you like minimal...

These are the cards for you. Very nice feel to them. A wonderful price for very nice cards.

Right Price

A little stiff at first, but very nice cards, especially considering the price!


Love the design but I am not a real fan on the thin stock just because they don't last as long as a thicker stock.

The best

Nothing like I ever felt before get one and then you all you can get.

One of the best

One word: Great

Very good

So much useful information would recommend to anyone looking to build their slight of hand reputoir


Love the fact that this book you could read from beginning and at the end you should be a coin genius.


These cards were a gift from my girlfriend and it was a really nice surprise. They are great, they handle very nicely and faro well. My favorite part is the art, everything on this deck is custom designed including the pips and their placement and it all looks great.

Great standard

The Nocs have become sorta the new standard for me. Good feel, nice simplistic look, and an overall decent lifetime to sustain some good practice sessions. Love the cards, and will continue using them

Regalia is great, definitely recommend

Very soft deck and definitely handles extremely well. Smooth edges very luxurious. The design is beautiful and uniquely along with the tuck box.


These cards are great! I love the matching jokers and the symmetry throughout the deck. They feel great, so thin and durable.

Great Pad for the Price!

Cant' beat the price for this pad. Has nice padding and comes in an assortment of colors. Highly recommend if you are looking for a mat to practice with at a reasonable price.

Amazing Cars

I bought the original banshee cards a few years back and was absolutely delighted that they came back with a updated version of the card. I will admit am no master at throwing cards. Miss the target most the time breaking the original cards really easily, With the advanced I can hit a hard target like a wall by accident a good amount of times before any damage too the card unlike the original where hitting the wall once was pretty much a death sentence for the card.

The new advanced version defiantly flys through the air smoother and easier then the original one. The durability is defiantly better and more noticeable. with almost no added weight to it. Both the original and the advanced cards are not the greatest for learning to throw cards cause they easily can be an hurdle when learning due to how they are designed and are meant for people who have previously learned or can already consistently throw cards with some degree of skill and accuracy. Not saying they are not a quality product for learning but it can frustrating when using them when you haven't build up enough practice to get a consistent stable spin on the card or you accuracy is not the best cause they can easily be thrown off if not consistently thrown with a good spin

Awesome Tool

For any level conjuror. Gives you a chance to observe from any angle.

Super Awesome !

Awesome product, well worth the money versus making it yourself, truly a valuable tool for mentalist.

The Pillow Deck!

What can I say about this deck? Well.....I LOVE the feel! It is so soft and easy to perform with. If I had to describe it, the first word that comes to mind is "pillow". That's how soft this deck feels in my hands. I call it the "pillow deck". It's really unique. It also gets a lot of comments due to the colors. Not just the backs, but the pips really stand out, too.

It is definitely one of my go-to decks! I highly recommend!


Amazing deck, perfect gift for my brother!

Great routine, but's complicated

Garrett is a great teacher and this is a fun routine. But it's complicated (not difficult) so give it time.

Great deck

Fantastic deck. Cartimundi has been pushing out some great quality decks as of late; these are no exception.

Stripper Deck

This trick deck is phenomenal. Instead of doing a shift, i can just use this deck. The only problem is that I don't feel like I can hand it out to spectators because they'd find the gimmicked part of it. But I still love it!

Great cards for the summer!

Handle great! Love the stock and cut and finish. And so calming to look at.

Great Design for Fantastic Fans

These beautiful cards are easy to handle and create nice looking fans. The riffle fan was never so easy. Great job!

Orbit V4

This deck is a fantastic addition to any collection or for any user. Feels great, and looks even better.

New favorite

Quickly becoming my new favorite deck! It feels as good as it looks.

Large Deluxe Pad

Great for the price you won't be disappointed!


These cards are one one my favorites so far. They are so smooth and graceful. I love them.

Great Looking and Feeling Cards

The cards both look and feel great, and the cause is even better. The cards to start to wear a bit around the edges with heavy use, as I love to play Euchre with mine, so half my deck looks worn, but use of the full deck shouldn't cause notice for this. The pips on each card are adorable and easy to distinguish from each other with use. Again, my only complaint is the wear, but they aren't plastic, so it is to be expected.


This is my favorite deck yet. Not only is it stunning at first sight, the boxing is very elegant. Also, these cards are so smooth and handle extremely well. Shin Lim is a genius..


The classic Svengali is versatile in that you can perform several powerful routines with this one deck.

Love it

This pad is great for practice or performance. Nice padding and a variety of colors to choose from. Every magician needs one of these.


This deck switch gimmick is the best I've seen. I can't wait to perform using this brilliant rendition of the switch. Plus, it can last essentially forever.


This 3-way mirror is essential for practicing. Using this mirror you will quickly notice any angle flaws you may have in your routine.

Deluxe Mat

Very nice feeling and performing mat, great price. This mat has a nice thickness to it.


Very nice , smooth , very satisfied with my purchase all the colors are very vibrant !!

Nice pad

This is a good close up pad, my first actually. I bought the small, but would look into getting a larger mat so you have more area to use. The blue is really nice!

Literally the best

There's not a better deck of cards.. please, find one, I'll wait. You can do SO much with these cards. Don't think about it, buy them.

Great for travel

Small and portable


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