Invisible Deck


Quite possibly the strongest card trick. Ever. Have a spectator remove a card from an imaginary deck then replace it face down in the pack. Now you remove a real pack from your pocket, spread the cards and there is one card face down. Unbelievably, it is their selected card. No forces. It works every time no matter what card they name. This is trick is loved by countless magicians world wide and was even performed by David Blaine on national television!

Printed on Bicycle stock.  


Customer Reviews

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Luke Ovsag (Meriden, US)
Invisible deck

This product was everything I hoped for. It is strong on its own, but I love adding it to my own routines.

Robert Guttentag (Greensboro, US)
Great effect.

Easy. Shockingly effective. My 2nd deck of this kind.

M.G. (Los Angeles, US)
Amazing cards

A classic effect but never fails to get great reactions. Takes a little time to get used to but when you do it is really fool-proof.

Paul Vienneau (Halifax, CA)
A classic, perfectly made!

It’s a classic for a reason, and this deck feels and works divinely.

Robert Kuykendall (Columbiana, US)
Great Overall

I tried to think of a reason for a 4, maybe because the tricks are a little limited, but that’s the nature of this deck with a forced card. But it was my first deck and on my very first attempt, my “victim” said, “What the F%^%?” So I was pretty excited. Very easy to learn.

Anonymous (St Louis, US)
Quality deck, but may require "breaking in" to truly perform.

For me, the deck required "breaking in". Now that it is it works VERY well. This may not be the case for you if you have sandpaper for your fingertips.
I'm a little nervous about "breaking in" the deck too much or making a mistake while breaking it in.
However, the deck does appear to be of high quality, and it now performs like a dream!
Not going to take away stars for that.

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