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As a teenager, Asad and a group of friends became intrigued with the world magic and sleight of hand. As the obsession grew, finding quality resources for learning magic became increasingly harder to find and more expensive. Conceptually, 52Kards as an idea was born however it did not yet have a form.

Fast forward to 2011 during the early days of YouTube, Asad recognized that this platform would become a major educational resource for all subjects. The 52Kards channel was launched with the goal of providing students of magic quality instructional content for free andl would eventually become one of the largest magic channels in the world. Now with over 1 million subscribers, 52Kards has helped countless magicians elevate their craft.

52Kards later evolved from being an educational platform to also becoming a leading authorized e-commerce retailer and producer for top brands in premium playing cards and magic tricks.

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Empowering students of magic



52Kards was Founded

Asad started teaching magic on YouTube after seeing a lack of quality educational content on the platform and recognizing that the next generation of magicians would be using online media as their primary learning resource.

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The Foundations of Card Magic

We launched our flagship instructional course on Kickstarter. Thousands of backers came together to fund the creation of this course and thousands of more students have signed up since. This course is a comprehensive lesson plan for learning the the most practical and powerful card magic available.

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The 52Kards Shop

We opened our online shop and became an authorized retailer for all the top brands in playing cards and magic. Our catalog now features hundreds of curated items for magic and playing card enthusiasts.

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MINT Playing Cards

We wanted to create a modern classic that evokes the playing cards that have survived the test of time. A merger of form and function. The MINT playing card project was launched on Kickstarter and reached its funding goal in minutes. Over 2,000 backers came together to make these cards a reality.

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Kickstarter history was made. The second edition to our MINT playing cards broke crowdfunding records and become one of the highest funded deck projects of all time. We improved on the design of the original Mint playing cards and released them in fresh new flavors.

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1 Million Subscribers

A huge milestone as the 52Kards YouTube channel hit 1,000,000 subscribers!

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WAVES Playing Cards

We launched our second original deck to raving reviews. Waves features a mesmerizing illusion design that will play tricks with your mind...