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Lorraine Pounds (Olean, US)
Run Playing Cards Deck Review

These are very cool unique cards. The first thing I noticed was how you open the box on the side instead of on top. This just fits the uniqueness and makes the deck different then the rest of the decks. The tuck box is embossed and it has good vibrant colors and it gives you a good design of what the back of the cards look like. All of the cards are designed differently to fit the uniqueness. I love how you get two gaff cards then those two cards on the gaff as single cards. Each court card is designed in a different way to pop right out. Even the numbers are different. They have little designs to make them different. They shuffled good right out of the box and made packets cuts very good. The spreads are even better. I like how the url is on the inside of the box but I think if you want to hand the box out for inspection then that could also be bad because they would be able to read the message. I think the url and message could be on an ad card but otherwise than that very good deck of cards. I would recommend these for magic and card collecting.

Brandon Fry (Fort Wayne, US)
Very creative deck.

I thought the art and the concept were extremely creative for this deck. Even the box art is great! I love how they made the box open from the side rather than the top, I think that really added to the overall creativity of the deck. As far as handling goes, I won't lie, they could be better. Pretty stiff right out of the box and harder to spring than most decks. Overall though, I really liked these cards and they will fit in great with my collection!

Thank you so much for your purchase and review

Albert Williams (Rock Island, US)

Very smooth cards

Andres Corona (Calexico, US)

These cards are amazing, the extra case makes em look fine and the tuck design is bold and overall card design simple and agressive

Thank you for your purchase and review Andres

christopher whittington (Steilacoom, US)


Joel Mueller (Sydney, AU)

Nice neat design. Love the extra protection on the tuck case aswell, very neat and practical.