3 Way Practicing Mirror

Sean Yang’s 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable close-up mat! It is made of high quality safety mirror which weighs only 240 grams. It is light, thin, easy to carry and most importantly shatterproof. Not only it has all the benefits of the old 3-way mirrors, it is now indestructible and lighter than ever.

After being folded, its size becomes as small as an A4 paper, so you can easily carry it in any bag or briefcase. The velvet backing not only looks elegant, but it can also act as a close-up mat. It is multi-functional and definitely worth every single penny. If you are in love with close-up magic, and always desire to practice anytime, anywhere, Sean Yang’s 3-way mirror will be your best choice.   




* Due to the manufacturing process, the velvet cloth may harbor some odor of adhesive. It will go away after a few days of using it, so please don’t be worried. 


Customer Reviews

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A must have

When I first bought this, I thought that it was either going to be heavy, or have junky mirrors but I was very wrong. the mirrors are very reflective, clear, and flexible, although they distort slightly at the edges, and I am happy to say when you lift the pad it feels like nothing at all, allowing you to carry it wherever you want whenever you want. The folded position is a bit too small so I generally unfold it and put a hand towel underneath the pad to prevent the mirrors from getting scratched or damaged, and although I love this thing I can’t clean it with a lint roller because it will pull up the felt stuff, but it’s not too much of a problem. I’ll just switch to a lint brush. Overall I strongly recommend this to any magician in need of a close-up pad.

My Magic has Leveled Up

Its always been difficult to get the moves right when the wrong angle could ruin an amazing effect! with this 3 way mirror i see the angles i need to see, and perform more flawless when i perform for a group of spectators! worth it!!

This is worth every penny...

Extremely useful, I've already increased my skills in a short period of time. Thanks a bunch!

Good price, good product

I use the mirror for practice and as a closeup pad. The view from three different angles helps me to really improve my handling of the deck. It’s very handy and fits perfect in a bag or bag pack.

Wonderful Pad

The pad is really helpful with the 3 way mirrors. It's well worth the money.
Also, it's small enough to travel with and perform up close card tricks.

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