• Official Mint Playing Cards Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry
    An up close look and review of the long awaited final product!

  • Bicycle Gold Label Deck Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry



    Get Gold Label Bicycle Cards - https://52kards.com/product/bicycle-gold-label/

    We all love and use Bicycle playing cards. What's even better? Gold Label Bicycle. As specified by Richard Turner these sport the same classic back design but are printed on thicker card stock and have a traditional cut (which means they are easier to faro shuffle). Best of all, they hardly cost much more than a standard pack of Bikes.

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  • Card Toon Trick Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry


    Card Toon is one of my favorite gimmicked decks of cards. It's a charming effect where drawings on the back of the cards animate and find any card that the spectator names!

  • Svengali Deck Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry


    Here is a product review for the Svengali Deck. This deck allows you to do some incredible card tricks that could never be done with an ordinary pack of cards. It is one of the most popular trick decks available on the market and is incredibly easy to use too.


  • 3 Way Mirror / Close Up Pad Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry


    Purchase the pad/mirror - https://52kards.com/product/close-up-pad-3-way-mirror/
    Watch the Product Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTserV8iuEE

    A close up pad is a incredibly useful accessory for tabled card work as the soft surface makes a number of various techniques easier and more reliable. Mirrors are also a tool that I highly recommend students use when practicing to make sure that your angles are right. Now you can get both accessories in one amazing product!

    Sean Yang's 3 way mirror is not only a mirror, but also a portable close-up mat! It is made of high quality safety mirror which weighs only 240 grams. It is light, thin, easy to carry and most importantly shatterproof. Not only it has all the benefits of the old 3-way mirrors, it is now indestructible and lighter than ever. After being folded, its size becomes as small as an A4 paper, so you can easily carry it in any bag or briefcase. The velvet backing not only looks elegant, but it can also act as a close-up mat.

    "What a fantastic idea for those of us who love practicing anytime, anywhere. A close-up pad AND practice mirror. Mine is going with me everywhere." - Joshua Jay

    "This has changed the way I practice; now I can't travel without it. Save 2 for me; one in my office and one in my suitcase" - Andost (Fism champion)