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Lord Of The Rings
Cory Deffinbaugh (Frederick, US)
Amazing Kards

Just got these for poker night and they were awesome everyone loved the graphics and feel of the Kards

Nick DeVriese (Des Moines, US)

I love these! Now I need to get the red! Beautiful and a great company to work with.

Virtuoso P1
S.C. (Council Bluffs, US)
better than ever before

granted I've only had the summer 2017s and fall 2016s, but this deck is almost impossibly good. well worth the money.

Ultimate Deck
Morgen Aractingi (New York, US)
Amazing design!

This deck of Cards is simply so beautiful! Each card has it own personality and character. The paper quality is also top notch!

Lucky Draw
Matt Turner (Durham, US)
Simple and Elegant

Understated but unique and detailed design. Classic look and great name.

Cherry Casino Sands Mirage (Holographic)
Kalin Beason (New York, US)
Very shiny

Very thick and shiny

NOC Sport
Jaron Le (Broomfield, US)
quality exceeds price

I love the solid bright colors as a contrast to your typical complex design. When I bought these cards, I had no idea they were marked (cleverly so) and that in itself is worth the novelty.

Gold Goblin
Carl Loud (Louisville, US)
Awesome deck!

Great deck of cards! Love how they handle and feel right out of the box! The back design and pattern make for a sensational visual experience whether the cards are fanned or ribbon spread on the table. Very impressive! Love 'em!

Weapons Gaff Deck
Carl Loud (Louisville, US)
Awesome gaffed deck! However...

Awesome gaffed deck! Contains several gaffed cards I've never seen in some other gaffed decks out there. I'm still going to give it a 5-Star rating only because of the new and different gaffs. However, I was a bit disappointed that it did not include the double-sided aces needed to perform Dream of Aces/McDonald's Aces whichever title you want to call it. I will continue to be a huge fan of 52Kards and will continue to order products in the future and will also recommend 52Kards to others.

Bicycle Rider Back
Draken Williams (Phoenix, US)
Great eye catching colors...

Loved the deck great colors was a little thrown off by the specialty cards it came with still working on putting together something for those wish it came with a few suggestions or ideas.

Matcha Boba
Customer (Chicago, US)
Crazy bruh

The Packaging looks really nice and the custom pips and indices look really nice.

Bicycle Rider Back
Brian Vo (Vancouver, CA)

Decks came within a week, and packaging was secure. Love them!

Close Up Pad
Eric Hungerford (Pasadena, US)
Great Value

The Deluxe Line of Close-Up Pads offers unparalleled quality with its brilliant, fade-resistant colors and a thick inner cushion that elevates any performance. Its non-slip back ensures stability during intricate maneuvers, though clearer differentiation from the Economy version would be beneficial. Overall, it's a top-tier choice for amateur and serious magicians alike.

Cherry Casino (Flamingo Quartz)
Nick Reale (Temecula, US)
Get these

I got a half brick, 4 for black jack with friends, one for magic, and one to keep sealed for a while. These cards are quality! These also look good with any computer setup that is mainly pink. A really nice item to have on display, and the color is very nice on the eyes.

Butterfly (Black and White)
James (Winchester, US)
Great feel and design!

They handle well and the marking system is straight forward and easy to understand!

Invisible Deck
Luke Ovsag (Meriden, US)
Invisible deck

This product was everything I hoped for. It is strong on its own, but I love adding it to my own routines.

Matt Turner (Boston, US)
Simple and Delicate

While not the most extravagant or showy deck you're likely to see - this one shines in the small details. The tiny, accurate, and unique designs are at center stage and it's a deck that will probably impress you more than you expect from such a simple premise.

Fellowship of the Ring
K.A.D. (Council Bluffs, US)
The Art

I'm amazed at the art, this is a masterpiece

NOC 3000X3
K.A.D. (Council Bluffs, US)

I like it

K.A.D. (Council Bluffs, US)

It's Fantasic Cards

DMC ELITES: Pro Gaffs V1
Martin Guérin-Boutaud (Cergy, FR)
Very useful gaffs

This deck is very useful as it includes pretty much every gaff you would need for classic effects. However you need to get the Passport with it to really make the most use of the deck and to discover all its particularities.

Twisted Artistry
Martin Guérin-Boutaud (Cergy, FR)
Great cards

The borderless back design is perfect to hide any discrepancies that could be seen with a bordered deck. It also makes a really beautiful spread.
Really cool details on the Jokers, love the duplicate of course for magic applications.
Overall great deck, I recommend it strongly

Roger Cornelison (Oklahoma City, US)
Great trick!

Impossible will blows the minds! It can be repeated and still they have no idea how is done. This takes a little practice but is certainly worth the time to put into it.

Tally Ho Circle Back
Assaf Matia (Tel Aviv, IL)
great deck

just as described

Avengers: Infinity Saga
Assaf Matia (Tel Aviv, IL)
great deck.

just as described