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Its actually my second time ordering this.
I really like that its Bicycle being that all the other stripper decks I get are random decks that look suspicious.
Great service

These are some Lookers.

Elegant tuck case that resembles a book. Gilded on one side to look like pages while the front is made to look like a title. The back design is extremely intricate and shows what the cards look like. Big fan of the Aces and the king's, and the Darren Joker is pretty amusing as well. Great finish to the cards and they handle really well for tricks. Overall a pretty good deck for the price. I only got the single deck, however, not the deluxe.

Awesome cards

Always wanted one of these, great handling

Great product

Very useful for close up practice, verry good quality materials

Octopalm: Anti Gravity Gel

Magicians, I'll really recomand you to buy this. The product has a great price for great quality. It's also very easy to lear how to use the gel to your advatage beacuse of the deatailed tutorials.

Inner Circle

Love the gimick. With the loops you'll be able to preform amazing stuff. When you buy the "Inner Circle" you'll recive tutorial to all the trick shown in the trailer and ofc the product too.

It's almost 50 days and I still haven't received

I ordered on December 3rd, you sent 11 days later and so far, no sign of the product. It's really disappointing... When I receive, if I receive, I can post a review about the product

Go-to effect

I never leave the house without this deck! The reactions are amazing and it’s fairly easy to do!


They feel amazing right out of the box, would definitely buy again. No rough edges, super soft and smooth to the touch. Fans looks incredible!

Awesome, thanks a lot Matthew.
Nice cards

Personally they feel a little different from the previous versions but they are still some of my favorite cards

Great Deck to Have

A great addition to add to one's collection! But really had to have it for the name!

Great Look

Very impressed with the design. It's even better in person. As always great selection to choose from!

Van Gogh
Appreciated gift

My dear friend and her two grand kids all loved the Van Gogh cards with their striking paintings.

Beautiful cards!! Thanks for the review Carolyn.
Arrived in perfect shape.

Order arrived exactly as described and in good condition.


After writing of my dissatisfaction at the rate of shipping I recieved both blueberry and cucumber mints as a compliment to my order. These cards are as fantastic as the service I recieved from 52K. Would recommend to anyone.

Thank you so much William, glad we could help.
High class

Buy the cards.
Getting back into cards and like many went to YouTube first. Found 52 Kards.
Began practicing flourish techniques from the videos. I’d get so far then I could tell my current deck of Bee’s wasn’t doing me any favors.
I then bought two Mint decks. Thinking one for practice and one for ‘show’. The Mint cards are.. well.. different. From the look and feel of the box to sliding the deck out of box. They are definitely different from any other deck of cards I’ve had. How are they different? They look classier in/out of box than others. Holding the deck is cool. Even when I mess up a shuffle or spring - the cards are still cool. May sound goofy but these are very cool. They are making my beginners flourishes look and feel better. I’ve been a little rough on the practice deck but their holding up very well. Looking forward to opening the second deck.

Guess I could have saved the reader time by only writing the first sentence. Oh well.

Thanks for the great review.
Necessary tool

This mirror is a necessary tool that every card magician should own, it allows you to see all the possible angles spectators can see you, enabling you to practice those angles. It also folds up nicely and has a felt back you can use as a closeup pad.

Thanks Anderson, we really love this product here at 52Kards.

These cards came in a pristine MINT condition! i love the feel and flow of them as well as the sleek backs. i could not be more pleased!


From the tuck case to the card backs all i can say is they are choice. Smooth feel with the few times I have handled them. The card back design is very classy. I'm no cardist by a long shot but I'm learning and these cards will definitely be a positive aid in my development. Will order some more of these in the variations offered.

We're so happy to hear that you love them, thanks Sean.
Good cards.

I really enjoyed the design and how they speak through my hands. Fanning them felt like butter. While there aren't any gaff cards like a blank or a double back card, it is still a really good deck


True Black is classic! Great quality too!

Thank you for your purchase and review Suzi.
Beautiful deck of cards.

The Cherry Casino deck is not only beautiful but made of great quality material. The color pops!

Worth all the monies

This is a stage act, it needs a certain atmosphere to perform... But the education and skill learned is absolutely gold. There is an arts and crafts component that is 100% brilliant and educational,and a close up routine that makes it extremely versatile.

Thanks for the awesome review Mike!

I have been buying many card cases, this one is by my favorite. All the other ones I have are either too big, as in they can't fit in my pocket, and or they are a little open, they don't protect the deck all the way. It may seem like a lot of money but It's a really good case to add to your collection.