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Cherry Casino (Sahara Green)
Chuck Chase (Indianapolis, US)
Sweet deck

I like the green much more than I expected to

Kevin Holguin

Good quality and very simple

Kubik V2
Don (Spring Hill, US)
Best in the World for Blacklight

A friend and I had an idea to do a blacklit blackjack game after I had purchased my first deck of Kubiks. I looked around for other black light glowing decks, but the only other meager few options were downright hideous. We went for it.

We bought 6 decks to be used exclusively for blackjack, and it is ...just preposterous how awesome it is! Holy ****! It's so fun to have 6 perfectly luxurious, perfectly sliding decks one atop the other other, shuffling them... [[!!]] You can't really understand the felling until you have that many decks of that high a quality on top one another to try. Wow! Too much fun.

Superior (Rainbow)
Don (Spring Hill, US)

Superb gloss, well-defined paint cards with expressive personages. Highly recommended.

4" Linking Rings
J.F. (Woodstock, US)
Good quality

These rings handle really well and are easy to use

Nancy anderson (Chicago, US)
A must have

Great quality, handles well and the color is nice and attractive. A must have for everyday use.

Nancy anderson (Chicago, US)
So elegant

The new deck in green is so elegant and it has a very brilliant secret in each of the back of the deck, easy to handle and perform your favorite tricks

Quality Green Bee
Nancy anderson (Chicago, US)
Attractive deck

Love the color of this deck box and looks sharp. The deck handles really well. It is a fun deck to take with you to the beach in a sunny day.

Puncture 2.0
Erik (Oklahoma City, US)
Great effect!

Video tutorial does a good job of showing different angles for the methods. It is well paced and works well. Recommended!

Holographic Legal Tender
Anonymous (Detroit, US)
Great cards

Great design, great artwork. Foil looks amazing

NOC Pro 2021
Max (Haddonfield, US)
Best of NOC

Easily one of the best decks made by NOC!

Luxury Pad
CaptainLlama (Glendale, US)
Great Pad!!

This pad is perfection. Just the right amount of balance and spring and incredibly elegant. The size is perfect as well. I can see myself buying an extra in the future.

Stone Garden
Adri Bhattacharjee (Scarborough, CA)
Nice Deck of Cards!

It's a really nice deck of cards overall. Nice back design and absolutely gorgeous custom face design. Gorgeous jokers. Just wish it had white borders on the back, that matches the white faces, but that's entirely personal preference. And not sure if it's just my deck, but it handles okay, not phenomenal.

Adri Bhattacharjee (Scarborough, CA)
Very Nice!

Very nice deck of cards. Gorgeous back design and face design. Nice custom placement. Handles really well as well. Really nice jokers!

666 (Foil Edition)
Adri Bhattacharjee (Scarborough, CA)
Gorgeous Cards!

Gorgeous back design, and gorgeous custom faces, all of them. They handle gorgeously as well. I love everything about these cards!

Ace Fulton's Thunderbird Room
Daniel Rojas (Santiago, CL)
Great handling!

Really really great cards! Amazing quality

Briliantly Artistic

Awesome back designs, the holographic cuts are really exquisite and look way better in person. I think something better should have been thought up for the actual depictions on the cards it gets a little distracting for me especially with the face cards.

Craig Starnes (Edmond, US)
Nice cards

This deck seems very nice, but is one of those that feels like it needs a bit of time to find it's happy place. The back design is simple yet elegant, and the faces are traditional with just enough customization to make them different but still recognizable.

Out of the box, they fan beautifully and handle well for moves that don't require a lot of flex. The cards are typical of crushed Bee stock; firm and stiff, yet not quite as stiff as uncrushed Bee stock. I assume they will soften up a little after use, and become very comfortable.

The marking system is completely unusable, at least to my old eyes. But, that isn't something that is even on the radar with these cards for me, so I don't consider that as either positive or negative.

I'll give these an overall score of 4 for now, with the assumption that it will change to a 5 after a bit of use and breaking in.

Robin Hood
Nicholas Kokenes (Vancouver, US)
Nice deck

Nice collectors deck, beautiful, premium , I really enjoy the tuck box.

NOC Pro 2021
Craig Starnes (Edmond, US)

Extremely predictable every time I take it out of the tuck, and one of the best handling decks I own.

Tally Ho Circle Back by EPCC
Craig Starnes (Edmond, US)
Nice, not nice....just different.

I've gone back and forth on this deck since I got it. Initially, it was very stiff, and very slick...and felt like it would be really good after an hour or two of breaking it in. But as I used it, it started feeling like it was taking on a slight lengthwise curvature that wouldn't go away.

That kind of subsided, and the deck became more neutral feeling...but then it lost it's slickness and is not fanning as well as it originally did, even though it doesn't have that typical USPCC "clumpy" feel, if that makes any sense.

Not sure what it is; something just feels "off" with this deck. Sometimes it feels great, sometimes I want to toss it in a drawer and forget I have it.

I would really be interested in comparing it to Penguin's "Elite" version of it, which is supposed to be about the same idea, but a different take on it.

Ultimate Deck
Magnus Dallas (Toronto, CA)
A center piece for any table

This deck blew me away and is well worth its pricing. Fully textured tuck case with whimsical writing on all 6 sides and the tongue. The cushioning on these cards is better than ever my every day cary deck and the amount of detail put into each card is astounding. 10/10

The 52 to 1 Deck
Alan Oliver (Mansfield, GB)
52 to 1

Stunning trick. Absolutely love the idea. Still working with it. I now know how works on still think it’s stunning.

Alan Oliver (Mansfield, GB)
Mint 2

Mint 2 Cucumber Deck
Absolutely love the back design, the marking system I have struggled with even with my glasses . The cards handle well and look fantastic.

Jason Shapiro
DMC v4

Cards are perfect and definitely improved since v1. Customer service is top notch at this site, no complaints!


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