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Mind Blowing

Just received the Invisible Deck. Easy to master and so much fun to use. Really leaves your audience baffled and amazed. Well worth the price.

It's different

I like how different this deck is, the art is really cool but I'm not digging the border. It's a nice touch to the face cards but it doesn't work well compositionally on the number cards, plus the overkill of it being on every single card. Such a small thing but it now ranks lower in my list of favorites.

Love this

Got these for my best friend for Xmas. I loved the details in this deck, the card design and love how the texture of the card reminds me of snakeskin. Nice touch! This is definitely one of my faves.

Great cards

Amazing quality! We need to order more.

Great Deck

These are all great cards in a solid looking well crafted deck.

Had to pick up another Blue

I love the simplicity behind the NOCs I had lost a blue deck and needed another on.

Love the design and the feel

The boxes look great and love the concept. The cards feel great. Definitely want to get another set soon.


Amazing design



Flying Dog V2

Well worth the money for these cards. Unique and playful artwork that would suit any card collector or cardistry.

Cherry casino

Great set of cards, feel so smooth handling and only need teal and black to complete the set, if you can get your hands on any of the cherry casinos its worth the investment and wont be dissappointed

Wonderful Deck

The cards handle pretty well, and the Blue color is just gorgeous! Such a beautiful deck to have.

Great cards

I love these so much. We play poker, swoop, nertz and everything under the sun with these! I love the sunny yellow color; it’s my favorite! Also loved how fast 52K completes and sends out the order. The cards came packaged nice and tight. Will absolutely keep ordering! I think my grandmother even ordered some today!

Took awhile to arrive as expected

Great condition, I don’t open my decks so I can’t give a review on that but looks good!!

Fig. 25
Cool display piece.

Very cool mini book to display next to the real one. And the cards are a great homage to the book we all know and love.

Great Cards

Beautiful cards! Glad I was able to get a deck!

Wonderfully Awful But Flawed

I have both sets of kittens: original and blue. The latter is more than just a palette swap of the former. I believe this listing is for the original, despite the picture that's showing as I write this. I'll go ahead and review both here, as I would have loved to see the differences laid out before buying any.

Starting with the theme, these are intentionally awful decks. The kittens are saccharine and I weirdly love them for that. While they're wholeheartedly meant for magic, I'd really like to play a few games with these over tea with some floral teapot as the pictures suggest.

Ad copy elsewhere tells me that they're USPCC crushed premium stock, whereas the blues are on Cartamundi stock. Both feel great in the hands, though the originals feel a touch stiff for crushed premium. In this case, I'm comparing them to the Mint V2 decks, which feel like butter. The originals are traditionally cut and faro easily. I'm not sure about the cut on the blue ones. In both cases, the cards are physically good quality.

The tuck cases continue the over-the-top kittens aesthetic. The originals are in a plain-feeling box, while the blues have some nice spot UV adding texture to the knit print. I notice that the originals have Daniel Madison's signature "M" on the back while the blues don't. I suspect this comes down to one being his creation and the other being a remix by Ellusionist. Both boxes have a card reveal hidden on the inner tabs. While the reveal is obvious, it meshes well with the overall saccharine knit theme and so defies notice.

Both decks are marked as readers. This is one of the first real points of difference between the two editions. The originals have the markings hidden within the ribbon border. They're hard to find, even when you're looking for them, but also difficult to read if more than a foot from my eyes. Even when otherwise legible, the spade and club symbols are difficult to tell apart. There is a grainy texture to the print there that is just enough visual noise set against just small enough of a symbol to cause difficulty. The blues have the marks much larger within the dotted background of the cards. They're much easier to read, but I fear they're large enough and obvious enough that they would be discovered. There was also a printing error and the diamonds are marked in reverse order. (e.g. the marks for deuces and queens are swapped.) The originals also have an oft-overlooked feature in that they have subtle one-way backs. I really like it when a deck design manages to quietly do this. There is a dot of dirt under the handle of one basket, but not the other. I did not see this feature on the blues.

Speaking of the distressed pattern, this is another point of difference in the decks. The original Kittens has a fairly strong distressed pattern printed onto them, while the blues have a softer distress pattern. The best way that I can describe it is that the originals look like they got specks of mud flung at them while the blues got dipped in muddy water. The trouble with the mud speckles is that they're obviously printed on and they're in the same pattern on each card. Spread the cards ever-so-slightly and you can see the pattern repeat, ruining the illusion that they're dirty. With the blues, it's still the same pattern from card to card, but it calls much less attention to itself. They just look grimy, but plausibly so.

On to gaffs, both decks forewent having jokers to pack in an extra pair of gaff cards to mixed results. Both have a duplicate ace of spades where there is a bird in the background, in contrast to the normal ace of spades in which the cat is covered in the bird's feathers. This one is fun for color changes or for messing with people's senses. Both have a split-face card for the three of diamonds and ace of clubs, which is really useful. Both also have an Angle-Z gimmick card, which seems way too specific in use and (so far as I can tell) is a one-shot effect requiring the destruction of a card. This feels like a waste to me. Finally, the originals have a duplicate nine of spades with the yard balls missing from the card back while the blues include a double-backer. Double-backers seem so generally useful that I'm surprised the original Kittens skipped them for something with less utility.

I think all in all, I prefer the blue Kittens. That said, I have a couple of copies of each and pull them out for the split-face (Monte) gimmick and still imagine pulling them out for a ridiculous time playing a game.

Great deck!

It's my second Mint Cucumber deck and I love it! The design is elegant and the cards handle very well! The tuck-case is also stunning with the green foil. A classy deck! A must-have for card collectors, magicians or anyone looking for a great deck to have for game nights!

Great series!

I haven't read the books yet, but I've heard great things about this series and Roberto Giobbi. I do have other books on card magic which look very interesting, but I think they will simply compliment Card College. I'm old-school, so I love having a physical book in my hands. As a beginner magician, this series will help me learn this art step-by-step. YouTube is still a great place to watch how-to videos, but nothing beats good old fashioned books! A must-have for magicians of all levels!


First time ordering from here and wasn’t disappointed although the tuck case isn’t the best I’ve seen the cards themselves handle great and have brilliant art work.


Usable and carriable anytime, anywhere


Love this Product. Easy to use and great quality

Get the originals too.

This is a nice feeling deck of cards. The tuck has embossing on the skull. The cards feel nice and look great. My only knock on this deck is that the original colorway in my opinion is nicer. So if you grab this deck and dont have the original then grab both of them!

Sehr gutes Deck!!


Amazing deck of cards!