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This is the best deck I've ever had


I bought these for my friend and he loved them so much that he didn't open them.

Get it

Very nice lecture! The controls at the end Re worth the price alone and the tricks are excellent too.

You’ll love em

The art of these cards is amazing. They’re perfect for there October release just in time for Halloween. Made by Cartamundi awesome finish great handling. Can’t go wrong.

Great Deck!

Really fast shipping!
Very good quality, super smooth


Handling? Perfect. Look? Perfect. Stock? Perfect. Marking system? Perfect. These are some of the best cards that have EVER been produced. Period.

Where Do I Even Start?!

Not only does the deck handle perfectly, but the actual LOOK of the cards catches people's eyes instantly. I ordered a few of these, and will definitely be ordering more. They handle great, work perfectly for sleights, and if you're into Cardistry, you can't go wrong with these!!

Sweet!! Thank your purchase and review Benjamin.

Lovely color palette and styling. I purchase these for my husband for a traditional "lace" 13th anniversary gift.

Brandy.. that's so cool!! Happy anniversary from all of us at 52Kards.

These cards are perfect for table top deceptions and handle like a dream!

Awesome deck

Awesome trick that gets huge reactions and is easy to execute. Love it


You’ll see at first these are some very amazing looking cards! The corner designs look amazing with a geometric feel to them. Feels great to hold & amazing to look at. Trying to keep them in mint condition is hard when all I want to do is play around with them. The colors are easy on the eyes & mesmerizing to look at. If you want some great cards that look & feel great, definitely a high recommendation.


I recently got into Cardistry & Magic. I saw these & I had to get them after watching a YouTube Review. They feel great to hold, fan & shuffle. I’m still new at Cardistry & so far I feel as though these are great! Smooth & the back design is amazing as it isn’t a one way design. Really amazing card faces as well!
Definitely would recommend if you want some cards that aren’t your typical white cards & if you want something unique & eye catching!

Awesome, thank you for your purchase and review Flacko.

Awesome cards , great price fast shiping thank you

Suede Leather Pad

AMAZING PRODUCT!!! This was the first pad I ever got and I am very happy with it. I kid you not, the first week I had this, I couldn't do anything except play around with this. I'd come home from school and spend the next 2-4 hours just shuffling and practicing sleights on the pad. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Practice makes perfect, Thanks Connor

This is the best trick of all times
A awesome gimmick that will last you for ever

superrrr !!!!

super !!!! I liked it very much. a very cool trick that causes very large reactions and emotions in people. from me to you 5 stars. thanks

Thanks for the review Germane, glad you like it.

The feel and look of these cards is just pure class. Shipping to Germany without problems. Thanks guys!

Glad to hear it, thanks Paul
Nice pad

Really great pad! Came super fast with reliable tracking and feels great. Only problem is it’s too great. Got the red one and it looks real classy

Sweet, thanks Marcos.

Cards look great. Quality is lovely.


It is amazing effect and is very easy to learn.

Classic effect, taught by the great Max Maven.. thanks for your purchase Kaden.

I bought these for a friend that enjoys both cards and photography and he's very happy with them. Apparently the cards both feel and look great. They are a must have if you enjoy both cards and photography.

Good to hear, thanks Kevin
Nocs are great for practice

These are great for practicing, mine was a little bit too slippery in the beginning but I kept practicing with them and they eventually became great for practice.

Beautifully designed and styled, handle and feel just as amazing

Like the title says, they feel amazing! Love the color scheme of them as well. Definitely recommend to collectors and cardists alike

Cool, thanks Collin
One of the smoothest handling cards I have used

Be warned, these cards are purely for cardistry since they don't have any pips. Having said that, this design is stunning and the red and blue colors just blend into each other.


Amazing cards thank you