• The Boomerang Card

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry

    The Boomerang Card is a fun move where you throw a card into the air and then it flies back towards your hand for you to catch. It will take quite a bit of experimentation to learn how to do it consistently and reliably, but once you get the hang of it you will be able to better predict the flight path of the card.

  • Official Mint Playing Cards Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry
    An up close look and review of the long awaited final product!

  • Close up card vanish

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry

    In this tutorial I'll cover a card vanishing technique that is ideal for close up scenarious. Most backpalming is typically done in a stage setting with your arm outstretched to your side, but this variation allows you to perform the vanish from someone directly in front of you. It also makes use of your second hand for cover so you can do the vanish slowly and with less risk of flashing when done at the proper angle.

  • Bicycle Gold Label Deck Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry



    Get Gold Label Bicycle Cards - https://52kards.com/product/bicycle-gold-label/

    We all love and use Bicycle playing cards. What's even better? Gold Label Bicycle. As specified by Richard Turner these sport the same classic back design but are printed on thicker card stock and have a traditional cut (which means they are easier to faro shuffle). Best of all, they hardly cost much more than a standard pack of Bikes.

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  • Card Toon Trick Review

    Posted by Asad Chaudhry


    Card Toon is one of my favorite gimmicked decks of cards. It's a charming effect where drawings on the back of the cards animate and find any card that the spectator names!