Suede Leather Small Pad by TCC

These pads provide the perfect surface for your magical effects.

Select special flannelette material.

The fabric is perfectly fitted with high-density sponge, with excellent resilience. Black litchi grain leather sole is selected for anti-slip and wear resistance.

The fabric and base material are supported by hard wood boards with moderate hardness and higher integrity.

Size: 40cm x 27cm x 1.2cm

Customer Reviews

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Great product

Definitely high quality. Love it. Durable as well


The pad is a little bit smaller then i thought. But the quality and the handling is really good. You can use it to exercise your card spread or for coin matrixes. The surface is smooth and its super fun to practice with it, plus you can take it anywhere

Thank you for your purchase and review.
These small pads are convenient and portable!

I love my Suede Leather Small Pad! I just started getting into magic again and this pad is perfect for practicing and for performing tricks. This is a nice pad that is very portable and can take with you to perform on the go. I have been looking for a pad like this for quite some time now and for a price you can't beat! I highly recommend this product!

Thanks for your purchase and review, Andrei! So glad to hear the pad works out perfectly for you.
Small in name only!

I find it funny that this is considered a "small" pad--it is a really good mid-range size (for me, at least), about the size of an iPad or small laptop (and fits great in my laptop bag!). This is also great for walk-around table work where you need a clean surface for performance that doesn't take up a lot of space but looks professional too. I have the "mini" size of this same pad for and I think I prefer the one, though they are both great for workers. Time will tell which is better for my needs, but I like it so far.

It's hard to beat the price for what you get--it's decently well-made (I had a tiny tear in the leather on one edge, but only I can see it), a good padded surface, and a professional-looking piece of equipment. For me it's just enough space for a full deck spread, and light and strong. I've been looking for a close-up pad like this for a long time, and this is a steal for this price.

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