Violet Luna Moon

LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Introducing the Limited Edition Violet Luna Moon Playing Cards.

In the past few months, we have received hundreds of messages on Kickstarter, our company email, and social media, from backers who asked us to bring back the Luna Moon so they can add it to their collection. We truly understand your requests and we feel for you from the bottom of our hearts, but we just can't reprint the original Luna Moon since we made a promise. After a lengthy debate that went back and forth for months between the team, we finally decided to bring out another edition and the LAST EDITION for Luna Moon - the Violet Luna Moon.

Violet Luna Moon is our gift and surprise for everyone that missed out on the first Luna Moon. We believe that you should have a second chance to complete the collection. The Violet Luna Moon is limited to 2500 decks, and this will be the last edition and the only other edition of the Luna Moon. There will be no more reprints and no more future editions for Luna Moon. Period. Seize this last opportunity and add the Luna Moon to your collection.


It is said that the romance of men exists in the vast universe. This time, our journey is the starry sky.

The Iconic Box

The Violet Luna Moon continues to use the open fan-shaped design of the Luna Moon series. The box's regular hexagonal opening is like the starlight, which is bright and tidy, neither dazzling nor bleak.

The track around the star and the trajectory of the moon on the card box both indicate that the universe is constantly moving in the course of operation and reincarnation, just like everything in this world.

Back Design

In the dark night sky, the nebulous nebula is floating, rendering the silence and the mysterious planets that have not yet been discovered. On the back of the card, there are stars shining below the moon, with the background of the deep and mysterious space. In the context of such repressed chaos, it is the starlight that guides us forward in the right direction.


The card box is made of German Kurz gold foil paper! The common cards are made of Neenah paper which is imported from France, and the required paper quantity is 7 times that of USPC's standard card box!

It took nearly half a year to produce a card box from the structural design to the test, involving several sample selections and countless opening and closing tests. Each card box is hand made, and it also takes fifteen to twenty minutes to complete one with proficiency, which is full of devout craftsmanship.

The playing cards themselves are printed on the finest quality card stock the United States Playing Card Company has to offer. The legendary Air Cushion finish is also added to provide the smoothest experience of spreads, fans, and shuffles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason Daniels (North Attleboro, US)

just great

FurorsBF Games4you (Riga, LV)

This deck is one of the finest pieces of art i have had the chance to hold in my hands.
Starting from the tuck case, to the design of the cards, it was a joy going through them.

This is a beautiful deck of cards, glad to hear you love them too.

Tony Vu (Langley, CA)

Gorgeous tuck case!!

You're so right Tony, thanks for the review.

Will Puglisi (Totowa, US)

One of the most unique and clever card boxes I've ever seen!

Josh Watkins (Brooklyn, US)
Love the box

Cards are great and the fold out box is pretty cool.

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