Gecko Pro System


Take your Vanishes to the next level!

The Gecko Pro System (GPS) combines the ORIGINAL GECKO SYSTEM with the GECKO EXTREME SYSTEM!

GPS allows you to safely vanish, switch or transform almost ANY borrowed item VISUALLY AND SILENTLY!! It is an easy-to-use, light-weight and unobtrusive magic device that you will carry with you at all times.

A quick and easy hook up and, once customized (which only takes moments), you can comfortably carry it with you and use it wherever and whenever you desire. You can even perform amazing vanishes in short sleeves!

With an almost instant reset, GPS is perfect for walk around, close-up, parlor, and street magic. It is so easy to use that it is appropriate for all skill levels from beginner to expert, and is a must-have item for every performer.

Countless hours of research and development have gone into the GPS to ensure you receive a high-quality, professional apparatus.

GPS provides you with thousands of possibilities, such as:

  • Vanishes!
  • Bending!
  • T&R (Torn and Restored)!
  • Transformations!
  • Switching!
  • Use as a hold-out device too!
  • Instant reset!
  • Perform within minutes of opening!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Donnil Marquez (Oakes, US)

Really good product!

Zsuzsanna Dr. Nagy (Budapest, HU)
No monafilament

They sent the gecko with no monafilqment in it, but monafilament is VERY cheap, so it's great

Robert Shapiro (St Louis, US)
Don’t have product yet

Don’t have product yet

Anthony Ocampo (Yorba Linda, US)
Would recommend

Great product. Takes practice to master but the time put in is worth it.

Harley Colero (Toronto, CA)

Just so goooood

Diane Kaelberer

Great service and wonderful product selection!! Will order again.

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