Card College

Card College is a complete written course on the subject of sleight of hand card magic. Beautifully illustrated and filled to the brim with well chosen material. This is for the serious card student.

The first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork for the rest of the series, beginning with lessons on the proper ways to hold, deal and shuffle the cards, then progressing through many basic sleights and techniques, including perhaps the most thorough and revealing discussion of the classic force ever offered. Along with the classics of card magic, Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements from his own repertoire, guaranteeing every reader, no matter how experienced, fresh techniques and insights into the performance of professional caliber card magic! Some of the topics covered in Volume One include: The Tools of Card Magic, Fundamental Techniques, The Overhand Shuffle, The Riffle Shuffle, False Cuts, Transfer Cuts, Card Controls, Card Forces, The Glide, The Double Lift, The Hindu Shuffle, Flourishes, The Spread Cull, The Top Change, The Key Card, Auxiliary Sleights.

Picking up where Volume One left off, Volume Two teaches such classic and invaluable sleights as the palm, the pass, the glimpse, false counts and much more. Volume Two concludes with a chapter on psychology, misdirection and presentation thats among the best treatments ever done on these important subjects. Throughout, Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements, guaranteeing every reader, no matter how experienced, fresh techniques and insights. Some of the topics covered in Volume Two include: The Glimpse, Card Reverses, The Crimp, Palming, False Cuts, False Counts, The Pass, The Overhand Shuffle, Flourishes, The Double Turnover, Misdirection Psychology, Routining, Presentation 

Volume Three contains instruction on such invaluable sleights as the push-off double turnover, one-handed top palm, the Ascanio spread, gamblers cop, the Vernon addition, false displays and riffle shuffles, the convincing control, the Olram subtlety, and much more-including many powerful card tricks and routines. Mr. Giobbi includes original ideas and refinements, guaranteeing every reader fresh techniques and insights. Some of the topics covered in Volume Three include: The Biddle Steal, The K.M. Move, Breaks, Steps and Injogs, Advanced Palming, Card Controls, The Zarrow Shuffle, Advanced Double Lifts, Multiple Shifts, The Pull-Through Shuffle, The Faro Shuffle, Color Changes, The Side Steal The Diagonal Palm Shift, False Counts and Displays.


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Incredible Series

Every aspiring card magician needs to read this series. I fear we’re in a generation of people that learn from YouTube, but books from the masters teach fundamentals that are invaluable. These books Will get you practicing everything you need for card magic that you can then layer and riff off of with your own style, techniques, and routines.

Couldn't have said it better Arlo, thank you for your purchase.
Great books

I bought the volume 2 but definitely will buy over the time the other volumes. To be honest Roberto Giobbi is a great teacher and each move is illustrated so you learn in an easy way. Recommend this book for a beginner magician and also for skilled ones should be in every magicians library :)

i read it cover to cover

loved it and i wish that volume 2 was on 52 kards

Buy It!!! You won't be sorry.

I am just getting back into magic after 20 years. I started with all the gimmicks and self-working tricks, but this time I wanted to learn control and sleight. I was researching where to start and almost went with Royal Road. I can say, without a doubt, I made the best choice going with Card College. I have had a chance to compare the books to Royal Road, and although RR is great, Card College is leaps and bounds more in depth and well explained. Great Book!

Good way to get started

This is a great book to start you off on the right foot (hand) for learning card sleights. Videos make it look too easy and I often get discouraged when trying to follow along. The book helps you go at your own pace and the illustrations are excellent.

Great and complete guide to card magic

I started card magic around 1 year ago with traditional books like Royal Road to Card Magic, Expert at the Card Table and Expert Card Techniques in combination with online videos. These books are classics and a must have for a magician however the three books are older and sometimes hard to understand. A magician recommended this book to me and I have to say Giobbi is a great teacher and provides wonderful explanations and tips for every move. I did start over with the basics like how to hold a deck or how to deal a card correctly. This is the most complete school for card magic I have ever seen. If you are serious about learning card magic and also patient enough to put energy and time into the basics before learning the whole routines, this book is for you!

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