Project: Swiss Army


"This is thinking outside of the box, literally..." 

- Eric Jones 

How long would it take you to find a signed card lost in the deck and locked within the walls of a card box? If your answer was a moment longer than "instantly," you are using the wrong tool for the job. Look no further than Brandon David and Chris Turchi's Project: Swiss Army

From the geniuses who brought you Envylope and Incredihole, comes Project: Swiss Army - a ground-breaking hidden-in-plain-sight utility tool that will forever change the way your spectators experience magic. Imagine being able to add an extra layer of deception to card effects that you already perform, or simply performing one of the multiple effects included. Project: Swiss Army is your secret tool for inducing genuine reactions from your audience! 

Included with Project: Swiss Army - 

- Time Out: A card is signed, lost in the deck, then placed back into a card box. Immediately pull the selection out before they can even have a chance to name their card! 
- Utility Strip Out: Any 4-card production can be instantly pulled from the middle of a deck. Use this as an opener to magically get into any 4 Ace Routine or as an impossible standalone effect! 
- Flick Out: Any card can be lost in the deck, then comes visually flying out with a simple flick of the finger! 
- Easy Forces: This utility tool allows for the EASIEST card forces unknown to laymen. It allows you to handle cards freely without holding any breaks! 
- Multiple Card Selections: Multiple cards can be forced and found just as easily as one! 
- Card to Impossible Location: This tool allows you to perform this silently, stealthily, and without any heat! 
- Swiss Army Tool + Card Deck included! 
- Less than 1 minute of setup required before you start performing! 
- Perfect for table hopping or walk around. Resets in a matter of seconds! 
- No switching required. Same box and deck in play at all times! 

One tool, limitless possibilities. Join Project: Swiss Army.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike Marlowe (San Bernardino, US)
Awesome project

Well made, attention to detail. Lots of ways to use it. I love the fact it helps my dumb hands... I'm not the most dextrous anymore, this gives me some breathing room! 52kards is awesome, it shipped fast and was received as described!

Thanks a lot Mike.

Stephen Marseille (Seattle, US)
Cool Gimmick, does what it says

It does exactly what it claims (I haven't mastered the Flick-Out yet, but I will). It's really a one-trick-per-show device though (or well spaced out between pieces in a performance). I would recommend mixing it in (via some deck switches) and moving on before anyone can think with another switch (this would be a very easy switch, though!).

Irwin Jun Liang Ting (Auckland, NZ)
The case is well made

I like the case, but the cards when I first open it, I was a little bit disappointed, but overall still a good gimmick. Well done.

Nancy Esper (Bellaire, US)
Great product

Great instructions and came quickly I really trust every product 52kards puts out

Kenneth E Basso JR (Leesburg, US)
Army knife review.

I love it!!. BUT, I feel the cover cards should be announced that they are not included as said they do in the instruction video. I know that's a small issue. Do as I did and buy the decks back design and its complete. That way its on the up and up from the start. Other than that I give Army Knife 5 stars. Works with my routine flawlessly. Love it.
KB Magic.

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