Wooden Collection Box

The Wooden Twin deck Collectors Box is a perfect collection box to exhibit your two most prized decks of playing cards in your collection. We believe that this is the most high-end storage/display case that we have made.

Thick and solid wood gives your playing card maximum security. There is a small divider between two slots, keeping the playing cards close but not too close. Just enough so that their individuality pops!

The material was selected not just for its good looks and luxurious qualities, but also due to its durability. Thus, we have made our Wooden Twin Deck Collectors Box in Black Walnut which will last a lifetime.
  • External dimensions: 156 x 109 x 28mm
  • Inner dimensions: 140 x 93 x 20mm
  • Made of crude black walnut
  • Clear glass display lid
  • Metal hinge
  • Magnetic locking lid

Customer Reviews

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Xavier Vargas (Dallas, US)
Wonderful Display Box

My family usually winds down in the evenings with a couple of hands of our favorite card games. I chose this to hold and display our decks on the coffee table and keep them within arms reach. This is a fine little box that opens easily and snaps shut with a satisfying magnetic click. The decks fit snugly in place and are prominently displayed. It has a nice walnut-like grain which makes the box both elegant and functional. Pleased with this purchase.

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