LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Meaning "to look" in Latin, we named this deck "Aspectu" because it truly draws the attention of spectators with its completely non-standard and eye-catching design.

These cards are very minimal and distinctive on the back in order to look amazing in fans and displays, whilst also maintaining a logical style. We still have four amazing fans for you to look at and show off.

Vibrant colors and a good feel are what make this deck perfect for cardistry.

The tuck box reflects the style of the cards. We made sure we still have the three-box display, of the original seers. We like the tuck box because it highlights the minimalism and the color of the new deck. This adds a great level of consistency.

- Printed by USPCC
- Crushed stock
- Limited to 2500
- Air cushion finish

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good deck for flourishes

The cards are thin and flexible compared to USPC standard but that actually helps with some techniques - one should always have different tools in one's arsenal. The designs are very interesting and lead to wonderful patterns in all kinds of fans. I was ware of the fact ahead of time but perhaps the pip-design of the clubs is a bit too confusing for regular use.
I have to subtract 1 star because of the rather disappointing box; the graphical design on the outside is great but the construction, cardboard stock and overall shape of the cuts is not very solid (mine started falling apart after several uses so I had to glue it back together); the inside is also just plain white.

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