The Secret

The Secret Playing Cards is inspired by the stories of the Illuminati. We have depicted multiple references and symbols from the Illuminati culture and illustrated them throughout the deck. Allow me to introduce The Secret - Scarlet Edition and Virescent Edition.
  • Proudly revealed in two editions - Scarlet and Virescent edition.
  • Printed by Taiwan Playing Cards Company (TWPCC).
  • Legendary luxury card finish.
  • Fully custom court cards inspired by the Illuminati Culture.
  • Custom pips illustrated in its finest details.
  • Fully embossed tuck case with red/green Interlaced with gold foil.
  • Intricate artwork infused with red/green and gold foil in the inner tuck case.
  • Limited edition of 2000 decks with foil-numbered seal.
Don't be afraid to open yourself and reveal yourself, including your secrets because wisdom of truth defeats everything.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paula J Lett (Grand Rapids, US)
Nice cards

Interesting concept and nicely designed. They feel good to use also.

Garrett Ploetz (Las Vegas, US)
Oh Wow

Those were the words that I first said allowed as soon as I received these. Really beautiful, full of secrets and Easter eggs, all tucked away in a nice embossed tuck case.

Josh Bowers (Johnson City, US)

The pip design and layout is absolutely beautiful, as is the everything else for that matter. Will probably end up ordering the green back as well to have the set!

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