The Planets: Pluto Mini

Limited Edition. Only 2,500 printed and will NOT be reprinted.

Includes custom NUMBERED seal AND a beautiful crystal display case.

The Planets is a collection of decks representing the planets in our solar system, starting closest to the sun and moving outwards into the surrounding universe. The ninth deck of this series is Pluto.

Pluto was the ruler of the underworld, and the creatures living on this dwarf planet resemble demons (don't worry, these guys are friendly). The deck includes 54 cards (standard deck + 2 Jokers). This is the most luxurious Vanda deck series to date and the tuckbox features gold and silver holographic foil.

The Pluto Mini Playing Cards is printed by MPC and includes a special holographic printing effect on the card fronts. The tuckboxes are printed by Gamblers Warehouse. They will be sealed with a numbered metallic sticker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Ryan Williams (Dallas, US)
Great quality

The cards are awesome and the case is really cool and very nice.

Harris (Houston, US)
Amazing deck to keep on display

The deck I received was amazing. The shipping and delivery was fast and efficient. Could not ask for more.

Johnny (West Lafayette, US)
Awesome deck for display and collection

One of the best deck to be displayed. I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a card that is pleasing to look at.

Kevin Vazquez (San Juan, PR)
Best deck in the series

Definitely the best deck in the planet series. As a fan of Pluto this deck was a must have and it got me hooked on getting the rest of the series out of how well done it was. Also it's just a beautiful piece to display.

Thank you for your purchase and review.

Ubiq (Philadelphia, US)
Really pretty mini deck

It's small, but that doesn't stop you from noticing the premium quality these cards were made with.

Kyle Rose/ Carsforsale (Sioux Falls, US)
Amazing mini deck!

Its a must have for the collection!

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