Expertly Designed by Stockholm17. Artfully printed by Cartamundi with tuck cases by Oath Playing Cards. Endorsed by some the finest magicians and cardists in the world, and finely crafted for card enthusiasts just like you.

The Parlour Playing Cards deck will be printed by Cartamundi on crushed paper stock using their proprietary B9 true linen finish. Although it is a standard-looking deck designed to perform and to play with, the Parlour deck features many improvements, refinements and details:

  • Improved and customized Court cards designed to be instantly recognizable yet, upon closer inspection, reveal unique refinements.
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Illustrated Jokers: Sir Fox, proprietor of playing cards and Shakespeare the Cat, street artist and entertainer extraordinaire.
  • Bold hand designed index designed for easy legibility.
  • Gaff card (to be determined by you!)
  • Showcase ad card crafted in a vintage look with handmade typography.
  • Ivory background to the cards (rather than stark white) that gives a subtle, vintage feel.
  • Mnemonica deck order out of the box, for magicians and mentalists (see uncut sheet layout below).
  • Classic mirrored back design with TGW Monogram Spade, Rhinoceros Beetles and Damask pattern.
  • Designed by Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Terence (Vancouver, CA)

Extremely classy looking cards, feels soft, good for any kind of use (cardistry, game night etc).

Ray G (Pittsburgh, US)
Best All Around Deck.

From the feel, the look, the minor customizations, & the details throughout. U can't go wrong! Even the Tuck is a work of art!

Dennis Tom (San Lorenzo, US)
Love is blue

Beautiful cards and tuck case. Superb handling as all their decks.

Aiden Creagh (Windsor, AU)

Great for playing cards with.

Lia Kendall (Bellevue, US)
Almost perfect

I could do without the faces being changed to be the creators on the hearts court cards. Otherwise this deck is beautiful and perfect

Thanks Lia

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