How to care for your Succulent Playing Cards. A handy guide for maximum enjoyment:

- Give them enough light. Succulents do not like the dark, so take them out of the box often!

- Shuffle regularly! Your succulents do not like to be in the same spot all the time.

- Never water! These succulents are beautiful, but they do not require any watering.

- Keep them clean. Always handle your succulents with clean hands.

- Avoid pests. Keep your succulents in a protective clip or case to prevent damage from dogs, cats, small children, dust mites, and other infestations.

Following these helpful tips will keep your Succulents in great shape. You'll be able to enjoy the 100% custom artwork and the snappy handling for all of your favorite games, magic tricks, and cardistry exhibitions.

Printed in the USA on traditionally-cut classic stock with embossed magic finish by the United States Playing Card Company, Succulent Playing Cards are printed using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates on FSC-certified paper sourced from sustainable forests.
  • 100% custom artwork
  • Printed by US Playing Card Co
  • Classic stock with embossed "Magic" finish
  • Traditionally cut
  • Custom tuck box with custom sticker seal
  • 2 gaff cards included
  • Limited print run of 2,500 decks

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robb (San Luis Obispo, US)
Subtly Exquisite

At first glance, the tuck sleeve is simple and forward in it's design; showcasing the the same design you will find on the backs of the cards. The back design is also superb! As you would expect with the name, there are a variety of succulents woven in with white line. The subtle display makes these cards perfect for poker or gigs. The fronts are where this deck truly shows its beautiful design and originality. Each card is custom, with custom pips and and simple yet unique court cards and aces. Not to mention the feel of the cards, which is also excellent. They easily stand up to any top deck on the market!

Achim Baum (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
Very nice combination of weight and stiffness

I really like the texture of the cards and especially the stiffness and weight of these thin cards. Good hand feeling.
The print is beautiful still the club's have a bit to much detail for my taste. But this only a minor thing.

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