Snowman Factory

This deck is like a fairy tale that lifts the real world's veil, to bring the fancy dreaming world to you - Snowman Factory. When you take out the cards from the tuck case, it is like removing the internal mechanical structure from a machine.

The front is "Mr. Elk", and the back is the power furnace of the snowman. Under the cold appearance of the snowman, there is actually a fiery heart inside it. And if you have enough patience to watch it carefully, you will see some little snowmen working hard in each corner of the tuck. We use metallic blue and ordinary blue to express their mechanical texture and let it seem to be a real mechanical snowman core.

The back of the card is a precision mechanical structure that spreads around the center of the snowflake pattern. This complex and symmetrical design style pays tribute to the most traditional classic back. The court cards are portrayed by the employees from the snowman factory. Like the gnomes in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", these snowmen have the important work of maintaining the normal operation of the factory.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle Robinson (London, CA)

Loved the look of the deck as soon as I got it! Interactable piece on the front is awesome! Deck itself feels great, and looks visually stunning!

Robbie Danyow (Saratoga Springs, US)
Outstanding in all aspects

First, the pictuess dont due justice. The tuck case is exceptional and great design scheme with it. The rotating gear in the center is a wonderful touch. The cards themselves are much better than i anticipated. Great card stock, good flow and the back artwork is amazing. Not really shown in the pictures is how the back artwork also has a metallic like sheen too it, huge appeal asthetically. Highly recommended!

Natasha (Elyria, US)
Unique Deck of Cards

The box is unique and the backing of the cards are in a great metallic blue color.

Awesome, thanks a lot Natasha

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