Introducing "The One" - a new playing cards series from Skymember Presents dedicated to magicians and cardists.

Amidst the series lies the Multiverse - the very first deck of the series. It's designed and illustrated by Austin Ho, the designer of the Olympians Playing Cards.

As per its title, this deck is designed with a mind-boggling possibility in mind-that an infinite number of parallel universes might exist in this dark, vast unknown. Austin firmly believes that in this mysterious universe, there are always multiple versions of ourselves venturing into actions or even places that frighten us to the core. Just imagine... the same person in the same location but doing entirely different things; a different universe with the same two people, but with a different relationship. You'll never know if the person whom you have a crush on now, feels the same towards you in an alternate universe. Mind-boggling, isn't it?

This concept is uniquely translated into the design of Multiverse's courts cards. Each fragment on a card represents a different, alternate universe of the same person; each with their very own story. The question is... which one is yours?

Features of the Multiverse:

  • Printed by USPCC on thin crushed stock. It's flexible, thinner and more durable-perfect for daily use by magicians and cardists alike.
  • Fully customized design for every card. The design, while being a symbol of parallel universes, is beautiful with a simplistic and consistent color design; it's bound to attract anyone who catches a glimpse of it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gabriel Schenck (Granger, US)
A true piece of art

The cards are absolutely stunning and feel great in your hands. The artwork is beautiful and inspiring

Ivan Rivas (Carson, US)

These cards have a very nice design and they handle so well. I love everything about each card. They say that the ace of spades usually has the best design in a deck. For this deck, every card is designed super neat. Truly one of the best decks I have ordered from 52Kards.

Shane Bryan (Baltimore, US)
Super sweet cards

These cards are better than expected, will definitely buy again from 52kards

Awesome! Come on back any time.

Alexandros Tsoupis (Thessaloniki, GR)

I like them a lot...this deck it's all about the artwork besides that it feels standard uspcc. I love the faces and the backs very much

Thank you Alexandros, glad to hear that you like this beautiful deck.

Jeffery G (Detroit, US)
Really cool deck

These cards look really cool and preform really well also appreciate the double backer and blank card:)

Brendan B (Trabuco Canyon, US)

It handles very well and the design is sick. They look really good in cardisty and in fans.

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