LIMITED EDITION: Only 1000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

is a deck not of this world but plucked from the dream of its artist, Austin Ho. Its minimalist design, coupled with the ethereal hue that is macaron blue, is a take on the qualities of a dream: simple but intriguing. Extending on its otherworldly quality, the courts of cards are all made faceless; and the Joker-the conjurer of the dream, Austin himself, is whirling the cards of inside the card itself.

is made for cardistry. Featuring a borderless back with stripes angled precisely to fan into a captivating spiral like a dream that never ends. The entire deck, printed only in Pantone ink, is bound to lure the gazes of bystanders with flourishes.

When encased, the tuck case showcases 's allure with vibrant, pearlesque stripes belted around it. Along with premium metallic inking, is also printed in classic stock by the USPCC for a quality, textured finish.

I³ Playing Cards is the result of dare to dream. The world needs your dreams.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mine (Ogden, US)
Great decks

I'm really enjoying these decks. They're very nice quality and the shipping was fast.

James (Madison, US)
Minimal beauty

Love these. Easy on the eyes.

Sebastian Lopez (Burlington, CA)

This deck looks amazing. It takes a little bit to break it in but once you do it handles great. I colours are really nice and the sideways design on the core cards makes cardistry it a great cardistry deck.

Joshua Prettyontop (Farmington, US)
A very pleasent surprise

I got these because they were on sale and when I took them out and did my first fan with them I was extremely surprise on how the design made for impressive displays. definitely one of my favorite decks to use.

Jacob Hight (Kenner, US)
First deck

I just got into cardistry and this is the first deck I bought, and I’m so glad I did. This deck handles great and I’ve learned so much using it!

River M (Brooklyn, US)

Absolutely love the look and feel of this deck. Great to handle!

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