Sirius B V3

After a long wait, Sirius B has returned from its orbit in the universe. But this time, with a frosty looking design to blow you away - The Sirius B V3.

We kept its original wavy look and various ray designs from the previous versions. The Sirius B V3 is going to take you through the mysterious frosty universe. The layers of different color waves on the back design will be the beacon for you when you travel through the stars.

The Sirius B V3 is printed by United States Playing Card Company with premium Bee stock, Air Cushion finish.
  • Comes in Mnemonica Stack with 7 of Hearts Faced Up in the middle (Impromptu Invisible Deck Routine)
  • Duplicate Queen of Heart

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Efficiently Beautiful

I purchased this iteration of Sirius cards alongside a few others and I was pleasantly surprised. The hues compliment seamlessly, it's easy to differentiate between suites before getting used to them, they handle very well, and they're very aesthetically pleasing ~ especially for their price.

Very Good Looking and Decent Quality

Came in. These may be the most refined suits and deck design I have seen. The Royals are the nicest and the color palate is nice.
Really nice, hues of red and blue.
I would definitely recommend!

Although a version without borders would make the design that-much better, Please consider, because doing fans, I still see white.

Solid card feel

The Sirius B V3 Great quality and love the design

Riffle Shuffle delivers as always!

I own both versions before this, and just as I expected, they feel just as smooth and handle just as great! I will say, I love the V1's a bit more, but these are a VERY close second! Been my daily carry since I got them a week or so ago?


The cards are perfect they look and feel amazing in the hand fans are amazing

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