Sakura Playing Cards by Francis and Dominic Garcia is a limited-edition deck printed by USPCC.

The Deck includes one of the first Japanese cherry blossom theme designs. In addition, the back design is unique within itself, being a "3D design" unlike most decks being a 2D design.

The Deck Box includes a beautifully illustrated design of Japan's Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms.

The Court Cards are fully customized and represent Japan's feudal period.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bee Casino Stock and Air Cushion Finish
  • Fully custom faces
  • Limited edition
  • Funded with Kickstarter
The History

Sakura is the Japanese word for the cherry blossom tree, which is symbolic within the Japanese culture. On that note, when we delve into its history, Sakura had a big impact with the Samurais and Bushido (Bushido meaning the way of the Samurai, their code of ethics and way of life).

Sakura trees can be seen as an important symbol for life and the seasons, but to the Samurai they represent mortality. Sakura is a short-lived season during the spring, and the beauty of the cherry blossom parallels with the Samurai's way of life. Being warriors, they are taught about mortality and to enjoy life to the fullest. This is the spirit of Bushido and Sakura.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kenny Chou (Springfield, US)
Awesome deck

Great deck for any collection and it’s bicycle! Love the aesthetic and stock of the cards!

jj (Calgary, CA)
very nice

very pretty back design and feel very nice. also smells good.

Awesome! Thanks JJ

jimmy price in (Richmond, US)
Incredibly pretty

Very smooth handling and with a unique and eye catching design makes a for a great addition to a collection

Nice! Thanks Jimmy

Lisa Yoffie (New York, US)
Awesome cards

These cards were really soft and smooth they are absolutely great for cardistry as well.

Cool, thank you for your purchase and review Lisa.

Geert-Jan Van Nieuwenhove (Geraardsbergen, BE)
Great cards

Handle superwell, look beautifull and overall great for cardistry and magic

Akwasi Anokye (Huntsville, US)
I would buy these again

These cards feel like I'm holding a baby's soft skin but in card form.

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