Pulled from the 60's, this is one of Don and Roger Sterling's favorite sets of playing cards. Wrapped in an early 60's vintage design, this set is customized from the inside out and is the talk of Sterling Cooper.

• Printed on soft luxe paper 

• Raised emboss, tailored from the inside out

• Amazing "used" look and feel

• An American original... glides like air!

This is truly the deck of playing cards that Betty will be playing bridge with as she waits for Don to come home. Order one, or a box of twelve for your friends, today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Yasmin Chan (Porirua, NZ)
Lovely Cards

Lovely cards to look at and play with. Great art and I especially love the font. Definitely would recommend.

Anonymous (Asunción, PY)
Great cards

Been wanting these for a while now

Dominic (Lancaster, US)

I absolutely love the art of the cards. I barely use them because I love the art and beauty of them! however, the few times that I have played with them very smooth and easy to break in! Again mainly got these for the art! They are a lot of fun for older audiences though! it's like a time machine! I would love to see more decks for different eras!

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