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Ray G (Pittsburgh, US)
Great All around deck!

Magic, game play, cardistry, collecting....these cover all bases, & quite well! I'm a fan of Jetsetter playing cards 4 sure.

Amy Gravelle (Orleans, CA)
Amazing cards!

The Jetsetter cards are amazing! They handle super well and they feel so smooth and even a bit spongy (to me, anyhow). One of the best decks I own! I also have them in green and I'm planning on getting other colours as well! The Jokers are almost identical, but not quite. They're like round-trip plane tickets. It's the coolest jokers I've ever seen! On the flap, it also says "Classified Personnel Only", which is a really nice touch to and airport/airplane themed deck of cards. A must have for card collectors, cardists, magicians or anyone who simply want a great quality deck of cards!

James Haney (Barrington, US)
Really impressed

I knew that a lot of people own the deck but I kind of thought it was a trendy me-too deck. I was not ready for the quality of this deck. First of all, the tuck is a really sturdy material far superior to paper. I would say “plastic” and it likely is plastic, but the usual connotations of cheapness that plastic implies certainly do not relate to this tuck.

And then the cards... really great handling and very high quality in every way.

Joshua Tackett
Favorite deck from someone other than cartamundi

I love the way the metal, silver, chrome, etc looks. I have the red and blue deck. Highly recommend.