12 Deck Collection Brick Box

An excellent way to display AND protect your decks.

This box is made of high-quality artificial leather and is highly wear-resistant. The lining is made of flannelette imported from Korea, which can effectively protect your playing cards.

Its fine workmanship is beautiful, utilizing computer-sewing technology.

The internal cardboard adopts the latest slot technology, compression and fixation, making it solid and sturdy.

233 x 102 x 67mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
very nice

quite the expensive price but it is indeed the quality that you expect for such a price

Must buy!!!

I love this box from how they hold the card to the quality of it. I have two but I’m still waiting to get more

Perfect for storage and display

Fits 12 decks perfectly. Awesome box for storage and display. High quality as well and definitely worth the price.

Awesome Deck Boxes

These deck boxes are wonderful. The price may seem a little steep considering it's just a box, but there isn't anything better on the market, and these are very competitively priced in comparison. While there is no viewing window, the inside is lined with soft microfiber, the outside has a durable textured covering, and the box closes with a magnetic closure. The seams are stitched, not just glued, so they will hold up well, and they are quite sturdy - much better than flimsy cardboard of factory brick boxes. I highly recommend these - they are quite nice and will keep your decks safe and sound while looking sleek and professional. Totally a good buy - no regrets.

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