The Phronesis Classic Edition is a worker's deck and features an elegant and classic back design a with traditional faces. Not only that, but this deck is MARKED! Most marked decks on the market are $20 or more and only provide one piece of information about the card. The Phronesis Classic Edition is an affordable marked deck that includes suit, value, card color, Aronson, Mnemonica, and a subtle one-way design all on the back of the card.

There are so many possibilities with this design, not to mention the elegant and classic look that speaks quality to your audience. No one will suspect the deck is marked!


Phronesis: Ideation Cards for Magicians

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to create new and original magic. The Phronesis Ideation Cards are designed to do just that. These cards can help you be more creative, generate new ideas, and spark innovative thought. Quite simply, the Ideation Cards help magicians CREATE MAGIC!

With the Ideation cards you can create thousands of original magic routines using your own natural abilities and personal influences.

Here's how the Ideation Cards work. Each suit is separated into one of four categories: Plot, Prop, Style, and Effect. There are illustrations on each card to get your creative juices flowing. Select one card from each suit to generate a new and original idea! It's that simple. You'll be generating new ideas within minutes of using the cards.

Don't think of this as a deck of cards. Think of this as thousands of tricks in a card box. In reality, the number of effects you can create using this method is limited only by your imagination.

"I like this project a lot! The concept of the Ideation deck is like a book of quotes by famous names from the magic world materialized as a deck of cards."
Boris Wild

"Love it!!! Honored to be part of it."
-Jon Armstrong

"So excited to see this happen!"
Brent Braun

"Will be a lot of fun to use at magic gatherings."
Ryan Schlutz

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
zuka kordzadze (Tbilisi, GE)

very good quality

Ulises Pabon (San Juan, PR)
Good intention, questionable implementation

The marking system on these cards is too complicated. The color and one-way markings are good and easy to read. I find the suit an value markings complicated and the Mnemonica and Aronson markings just add to the confusion. Besides, if you're a hard core mnemonica user, once you know the suit and value of the card, you know its position (so adding this info on the card is redundant). Perhaps it's a matter of preference but I find other systems - e.g. Mint System, Butterfly deck and Gamblers - less conspicuous and easier to use. If you have to stare at the back of a card for more than 3 seconds to read the marking you might as well carry a sign on your chest that reads: I'm using a marked deck!

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