Passport Project


PASSPORT PROJECT is much more than a new deck of playing cards on the market. This is a real tool for performing high impact tricks and taking your spectators on a journey!

PASSPORT Playing cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC). Supplied in an original tuck case with a personalized seal, the Bicycle PASSPORT Maiden Back set includes 56 cards as follows:
  • 52 cards with flag at the back (no Joker).
  • 2 additional Flag cards for the Rainbow Deck effect with the 4 Aces.
  • 1 double back card (USA flag).
  • 1 cheat sheet card to know the position and the name of each flag in the deck.
The deck comes in a way so that you can easily stack it up in a Mnemonica order, giving you plenty of options right out of the box.

A link gives you access to a 60-minute explanation video with more than 10 routines!

The gilding effect on the back of each card makes this BICYCLE deck a "must-have" for all playing card collectors!

The colors of each flag will make your Cardistry effects unique and will make a splash with your spectators.

Bicycle Passport, a real World Tour for magicians and cardists!
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Maiden Back
  • Air Cushion Finish
  • More than 10 routines taught in English in an hour long explanation video
  • More than a pack of card, Passport Project is a tool for all magicians !

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Melissa Couwenhoven (Kankakee, US)

Cards came earlier than expected. The package was in excellent condition. I do not open the decks of cards since they are a collection item. Will order again soon.

Charlotte F (Toronto, CA)
Great collector’s gift

Kids will enjoy these and any flag lover, good variety of countries represented.

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