Here are the rules: Ignore all rules with Paradox Playing Cards.

The midnight black backs of Paradox Playing Cards contrast with the mystical, blue-dotted swirling circles, suggesting chaos -- yet every line is meticulously placed in defined order.

You will be drawn to the look and feel of this deck.

The Joker playfully plays off of the Paradox theme by using a ? (question mark) as the pips.

The tuck is adorned by an intricate red-and-white custom seal.

The court cards carry over the vibrant blue and gold from the backs.

  • Includes a double back
  • Printed by US Playing Card Company
  • Illustrated by Nick Vlow
  • Produced by Danny Weiser
Let your mind, and fingers play with the Paradox.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Raul Rubio (Salt Lake City, US)
Simple and Elegant

I Like the traditional court cards and color scheme on this beautiful deck.. would highly recommend this deck for quality and looks

Jonathan S (Waltham, US)
Solid deck

Very nice deck very clean design.

Sergio Valdez Jr (Cathedral City, US)
A great set of cards!

I, for one, am a big fan of the back!

The other review complains its tough to see but you can see the design just fine! They handle as any other cards do so your sure to get that reliable handling!

The price is a bit high up there for what comes off as a average deck of cards but I'm nitpicking at that point!

Thomas Dillman (Glendale Heights, US)
A bit dissapointing

The feel of the cards is great, exactly as expected. However, the design on the back is difficult to see. It looks quite good in the pictures but I was less impressed after holding them in my hands and seeing them in person. Given that the design of the cardback is vital to captivating attention, I think this one is lacking when compared to others.

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