Mountain Wang Yue

The inspiration for the Gazing on Mount Tai deck comes from the well-known Chinese ancient poetry: Gazing on Mount Tai, which is composed by the famous poet Du Fu in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). The design of the deck is based on Chinese traditional calligraphy, it reveals the sense of pride in the Chinese culture of the young generation. The deck will also guide you to enjoy the unique Chinese fashion.

Traditional calligraphy, ancient poetry, and Chinese characters are the fundamental elements of distinct Chinese art styles. This deck combines the interaction among these fundamental elements with the elegant lines and structures as well as the finery embossing and foil, it will definitely become an artistic and graceful collection.

Featuring 56 custom playing cards printed by United States Playing Card Co with legendary Air-Cushion finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Paula J Lett (Grand Rapids, US)
Unique Cards

I’m always looking for cards that are a little different. In this deck all the cards have a different look. Sometimes only the aces and court cards are changed but in this deck the pip cards have nice variations to them. This is a very pleasing deck.

Kaleb Senter (Smithfield, US)
Great cards

They have a great design and you can shuffle well

Nicholas Lloyd (Goodyear, US)
Wish these looked as good as they felt

The black version leaves something to be desired, the design is very basic and not only are the backs a one way design but so are the courts. And while I don’t have a problem with either design they are just not what I would have picked had I known before hand (or paid more attention too) but the card stock feels like bicycle stock, air-cushion finished (I don’t think they are crushed) but they feel great and handle even greater. Can’t complain there.

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