Mechanic VR2

The back design looks awesome in spreads and fans thanks to the pop rivets and stepped border, adding interest and variety. A revolutionary animation system has been applied, but with a couple of extra additions making the animation even clearer, and easier to use as a marked deck.

More contrast in the back design means the animation stands out even more! We've encased the chain in its own guard and added even more cogs to really bring the flipbook animation to life. The deck uses the same 13 back system but with some additional subtleties. Riffle through the deck and take it for a spin!

Doubles up as a marked deck

The upgraded animation system now makes the backs even easier to read. We have created two points of reference in the cog rotation making the card value a piece of cake to spot. Now you can divine suit as well as value thanks to a clever little marker that hides in plain view. Impossible for your spectator to see, but noticeable at a mere glance for you, making this one of the easiest to read and affordable marked decks available. FREE PDF instructions are included on how to use it as a marked deck.


  • NEW upgraded design
  • NEW animation system updates
  • NEW box, court card design - Same Bee Stock with magicians Finish - Double backer included
  • Custom Ace and Jokers
  • Now fully marked, value and suit
  • FREE Marked Deck PDF Instructions
  • Printed by USPCC

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Really neat



Very good deck. The quality stands out!

Great Deck

Really like the deck!
Feels good and looks very nice.
Also, very easy order process!


Nice deck, simple marking system, love the gears riffle effect!

Nice cards

Don't know what to say about them. But they have a nice feel to them.

Nice deck - but small markings

This deck is of very good quality, easy to handle and shuffle. The only issue I have is the markings are not very easy to see unless you are close. I wear glasses for reading and without my glasses I'd never be able to see the markings. Even with my glasses on I still have to be relatively close to see the markings. Once you get used to the marking system it's pretty easy to spot the suit, however, in my opinion, it takes a little too long to figure out the rank. The markings for rank are in a different location than the markings for suit, so that will delay figuring what the card is. Overall though I am pleased with the purchase.

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