Red Mechanic Optricks



The Optricks Red Edition - Take your magic to another dimension

The animation of the original Optricks deck from Mechanic Industries proved to be a big hit. The bold black-and-white geometric design created a hypnotic optical illusion that was perfect for card magic and flourishes. Little wonder that many were disappointed to discover it was sold out. Now this innovative deck is back, even better than before! Our expert Mechanics took the Optricks Deck in for a complete overhaul. In the process, they made changes under the hood giving you the power to create a spectacular new kind of card magic that will have your spectators hardly believing their eyes.

The first thing you'll notice with the Optricks Red Edition is that the paintwork has been resprayed a stunning red. But that's just the start! It's been supercharged by adding a brand-new assortment of some of the most innovative gaff cards imaginable. And here at Mechanic Industries, we don't just believe in giving you a brand-new shiny deck with extras as standard. We also provide you with powerful magic routines created specially to showcase these cards at their very best. With options and accessories you've previously only dreamed about, our cutting edge creativity means you will combine optical illusions and sleight of hand, creating magic the likes of which have never been seen before.


- Flip-book animation
- Anamorphic Queen Gaff
- OptiBox 'Empty Box' Gaff
- Grinder Double Sider Gaff
- Double Backer
- Custom Ace of Spades
- Stylized standard court cards
- Bee Stock with Magicians Finish
- Printed by USPCC
- Exclusive Free Tutorials

Our new Anamorphic Gaff - twisting sight and bending minds

This is a totally new concept in sleight of hand. Our eye-popping anamorphic gaff card uses an optical illusion technique to open up a whole new world of exploration. Now you can use your favorite sleights and color changes in order to create routines that will astound your audiences in a whole new way. It's based around the anamorphic art concept, where your view point makes the most magical moments come to life. We're supporting this card by providing you with a host of routines and sleight combinations for easy-to-do, hard-hitting magic.

Our new OptiBox Gaff - a new angle on empty box trickery

The OptiBox Gaff is our ingenious approach to a faux 'empty box' type routine. We've come up with a gaff that is easy to implement and use - on just about any deck! You won't need any advanced sleight of hand, due to the deceptive and clever method our engineers have come up with. With fair and easy handling, this surprising effect won't arouse your audience's suspicion, but is certain to blow their minds. Even people who knew in advance what illusion we were creating were fooled by it when they first saw it!The magician will welcome this powerful concept we've created, because you can easily use it to enhance your existing routines. Or use your own creativity to develop whole new routines around it. Once again, we'll get you started by including a detailed video that teaches you how to hook up your gaff, and a couple of routine ideas to inspire you.

Our Extras - the Grinder card and the double backer

Our Grinder Coin Joker is back - with a complete visual upgrade. The realistic rendering and shadows of the new Grinder artwork link the artwork to the real world and will really play tricks with your spectators. Now it's a double-facer, with one side featuring the Grinder Coin, and the other side a very realistic tear hole. This is designed to strengthen the illusion that the coin is literally being ripped from the card into real life. It will also simplify routines like Grindout and make the handling much easier. To avoid any cold morning starts, we've created a couple of concept tutorials that will help you get the most out of this card.

We'll also include a versatile double backer with the deck. We appreciate card magic here at Mechanic Industries, so we know that you can use this to perform a wide range of magic. In addition, our videos will also show you how to use this card in conjunction with the gaffs for a seamless performance.

Join us for a fast-paced ride into a new dimension of magic with the new Optricks Red Edition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Albert L (New York, US)
Very complete product.

The deck, gaff cards, and also the tuck box, assimilate a system of anamorphic visual effects. Plus, the deck is marked so that the incrementally changing back pattern creates a little movie when the cards are riffled. Free on-line videos demonstrate how these tools can be used to perform illusions. A very inventive product and heads-up marketing affair.

Dylan Cooper (Tallahassee, US)
Great Product; Great Gaffs

Alright, lets start with the overall quality of the deck. This deck feels great and looks great. The gaff cards are brilliantly designed and innovative, and they even give you tutorials and ideas for routines and how to use them. The empty deck gaff is my personal favorite, and while you do need to play with it before you get it right, once you do it's pretty awesome. The only gripe I have with this deck is perhaps me being nitpicky. This gripe would be the lack of identical Jokers, or Jokers at all. Again, this is more of a personal thing, as I do a lot of tricks involving Jokers, and plus, I just really think Jokers in general are cool. However, it's the lack of Jokers that stops me from giving me a 5-star. Still a great product!

Thanks for the awesome review Dylan.

Goran Goricki (Zagreb, HR)
Great deck

Great deck and great gaffs

Joe Smith (Lexington, US)
Awesome Deck

This is a great deck of cards! They feel and handle very nice and the gaffs are a wonderful addition. I would definitely recommend this deck to anyone looking for something visual and different.

Benjamin (Florissant, US)
Too Fun to Play With

People legitimately get confused when I use some of the gaffs included with this deck, and it's just fun to watch them try and figure it out. Very visually appealing, too!

Eduardo Zayas (Woodbridge, US)
Great illusion

I love the great effects

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