Luxury Pad

After 140 continuous days of research and development, we have some new breakthroughs on our close up pad.


The surface is a custom pattern that we choose. It is the Vintage roll pattern, which is a fusion of both Chinese and Western style, and looks especially exquisite in the turquoise grey color that will be offered.

A total of 3 colors will be available.

The fabric is smooth and comfortable to the touch and it will not produce a 'color change' effect when you rub your hands across the surface. The intricate pattern exudes an impression of professionalism and elegance.

Supported by high-density sponge, the surface is softer and more professional. Not too hard, yet soft enough. The sponge and the fabric fit perfectly, and the excellent resilience highlights the fabric characteristics.

The base is a hard wood board, wrapped with black embossed lychee which has high integrity and is non-slip and wear-resistant.

For the packaging, we have used a high-quality black card envelope with unique window design. You get to intuitively feel the texture of the fabric and leather while simultaneously seeing the color match. Experience it visually and tactilely.
  • Perfect for all manner of close up work.
  • Sturdy without being overly heavy.
  • The interstitial layer of air created by the embossed pattern is perfect for playing card spreads and shuffles.
  • The matte fabric is not too stiff, and have moderate fluffiness.
  • The fabric will not produce a 'color change' effect when you rub your hands across the surface.
  • Comfortable and smooth to the touch.
  • The fabric fits perfectly with the high-density sponge, excellent resilience, and soft cushioning on the surface.
  • Black lychee embossed leather bottom. Non-slip and wear-resistant.
  • Both the top layer and the base are supported by hard wood boards.
  • High-quality custom black cardboard envelope packaging, with unique window design. You are able to see the product more clearly.
  • The size is 50 x 34 x 1.2cm, and the weight is about 2.6lb.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anthony Loving (Collinsville, US)

This pad has the perfect amount of give. A comfortable size. And an elegant design. This is a serious close up pad.

CaptainLlama (Glendale, US)
Great Pad!!

This pad is perfection. Just the right amount of balance and spring and incredibly elegant. The size is perfect as well. I can see myself buying an extra in the future.

Mark Albright (Canton, US)
Luxury Pad / Black

Very nicely made and couldn’t be happier with my choice in making this purchase!
I have always had the thin pads you could roll up if needed, but I’m hooked on this pad along with size.
Well done, Thank You! Highly recommend!!

Jean-David Lemelin (Asbestos, CA)
In love

I like the style it's classy it works super well. I recommend.🔥

Tony S (Cincinnati, US)
My first lux pad! I love it and it loves me!

It is beautiful and makes me want to practice and perform more often. 52kards shipped it fast and protected it well.

I love black (which is what I got) but I'm sure I'll buy another in a different color in the future cause I really like the red.

It is the perfect size too. You can do ace productions and display them out while having coins and a card case on it, still looking very neat.

Alex Will (Herrin, US)
Beautiful Pad

I purchased the black luxury pad and couldn't be more pleased and impressed with the quality and I y

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