The Expert at the Card Table Playing Cards

LIMITED EDITION: Only 1500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

The deck back design is different from the classic diamond-backed pattern without deviating from the classic style. The back design forms a pattern using the alphabet "E" from the word, "Expert." The deck is not just dedicated to S.W.Erdnase, but to everyone who has been giving their 100% to the respective art form they love and strive to be better than yesterday!!!

E for Expert, E is Erdnase!!!

The cards are available in 2 colors -- Green and White -- and includes white borders. The tuck has the alphabet S. & W. on the Green and White Edition, respectively.

  • 2 custom Jokers (Gaff Joker)
  • Custom Ace of Spades
  • Green/White Double Backer
  • Deck Design Matching Double Backer
  • Velvet Feel Tuck Box
  • Custom Brick Box with every 12 Decks
A collaboration between Magic Encarta & Everything Erdnase - LIMITED EDITION OF 1500 DECKS!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eric Dixon (Fort Worth, US)

Nice deck. The case is in the same felt texture as the cover of the S.W. Ernadse book.

Hillary Bennett (Palmyra, US)

What else can you say?!?! The best book for learning the art of cards in whatever capacity you’re going for plus: it’s beautiful and really, guys, no brainer! Buy it! You’ll thank me later.

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