BLUE and RED are LIMITED EDITIONS: Only 1000 of each color printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Last year the Dutch Card House Company introduced the Paisley Playing Cards Black Edition, a traditional worker's deck of elegant poker size playing cards for the cardician, cardist and collector. This was inspired by the ancient, well-known paisley pattern.

This time they are back with two limited metallic editions of this elegant deck with a hidden marking system: Paisley Ruby Red and French Blue, both with metallic ink on the back and tuck! The decks are limited to only 1000 pieces each, without any reprint. They have a numbered custom tuck seal. These decks will give every performance an extra glance!

The French Blue Paisley Edition deck has a classy traditional blue look, but with a fully metallic inked back and metallic details on the tuck. The Court cards appear in their traditional designs but are merged with the color concept to create a whole, fully custom deck of cards.

The Ruby Red Paisley Edition deck will show a deep red glance with metallic ink on the back and tuck. The appearance of the classical Court cards are totally in line with the red concept style, but still recognizable for every magician's performance.

Moreover, the French Blue and Ruby Red Editions will have the same well-hidden, two-way marking system for suits and value as with the Black Paisley Deck. It is integrated into the detailed paisley back design. It is very easy to read for the trained eye and completely invisible to your audience. Included are a double backer and a duplicate face card to help you perform special effects.

As with the Black Edition, the cards will be printed on the Crushed Bicycle grade stock by the USPCC. This makes them last longer, feel incredibly soft and have an amazing snap. The remarkable Air Cushion Finish smoothens the surface, allowing beautiful spreads and fans. Moreover, the cards will be traditionally cut for easy weaving techniques and Faro shuffles.

Customer Reviews

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Jean-Baptiste NICOLAS (Nancy, FR)
Easy marked deck

Elegant Paysley pattern which does not catch the attention of the spectator. The marking system is easy to learn and not very difficult to read (but nicely hidden in the motif). There's also an extra card which is cool for magic tricks.

Darryl Isaacs (North Vancouver, CA)
Great back design.

Love the back design, they look great for fans.

AB (Brescia, IT)
Awesome deck

Amazing deck, thin cards and elegant back. The marking system is easily learn and invisible for non trained people.
Worth tehe wait

You're so right AB, beautiful deck and thank you for your purchase.

Jason (Coventry, GB)
Great deck

You do need to study the marking system and practice its not the easiest deck to read however that is good that if people look for markings they wont have a clue. Worth getting and learning

Carter (Pleasant Grove, US)
Awesome product

For me the making was a little hard but after a wile it’s great and you really get the hang of them they feel really good! So good I bought two of every color!

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