Kubik V2



LIMITED EDITION: Will NOT be reprinted.

The first deck of 2020

The Kubik V2 is an improved version of the first deck.

The deck is a Cartamundi crushed stock and it has the best of the line, B9 finish.

On the V2s, the color is not just your standard color. In fact, we use the (PFC) Pantone Fluor coated color palette so the colors are even flashier and brighter then before.

We used these premium colors for the V2s because they have been specially made to glow under a black light, to show your skills in another exciting way!

Dazzle your audience's senses with Kubik V2.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Don (Spring Hill, US)
Best in the World for Blacklight

A friend and I had an idea to do a blacklit blackjack game after I had purchased my first deck of Kubiks. I looked around for other black light glowing decks, but the only other meager few options were downright hideous. We went for it.

We bought 6 decks to be used exclusively for blackjack, and it is ...just preposterous how awesome it is! Holy ****! It's so fun to have 6 perfectly luxurious, perfectly sliding decks one atop the other other, shuffling them... [[!!]] You can't really understand the felling until you have that many decks of that high a quality on top one another to try. Wow! Too much fun.

JTWolf (Powell, US)
Retro, colorful, and stylish

Love these cards from the second they came out of the case. The suited colors look fantastic and the transition to multicolor is very well done on all cards, especially the numerical cards.
I was a little disappointed that these need a black light to glow, but I think glow in the dark radioactive cards might be too high of expectations. Regardless, they look great for cardistry, they feel good, and give a good impression for guests over for a friendly game.

Tony Duran (Salt Lake City, US)
Love the design!

These cards were a gift for my son. He was happy with the quality and design.

Chance Troublefield (Roswell, US)

Love the cards and they work perfect for all aspects of card magic

Esther Hidalgo (Coquitlam, CA)
Awesome deck!

Love the neon colours!! Sooo cool in black light. Amazing quality. 🥰

Jake Graham (Norfolk, US)

Beautiful deck with a great feel. Love the pips and gaff cards!

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