LIMITED EDITION! Will NOT be reprinted!

The Composition Deck is a fun and quirky deck of playing cards featuring 100% custom artwork. Conceived by Kevin Reylek and designed by James Howells, the Composition Deck is styled after the iconic composition books that so many of us used in our childhood and still use today for jotting down ideas. The back of the deck has a custom black and white scattered pattern that will look instantly familiar.

The one-way nature of the borderless classic back design enables many magic effects and is also terrific as a fanning deck. This deck can be fanned 4 different ways, creating a new pattern in each direction!

Each of the custom faces has a background of ruled lines, as if they were drawn in a real notebook. The designs emulate classic spot and court cards but look as though they were simply sketched out during study hall.

The crown jewel of the deck is the tuck box. It has a side-opening construction and looks just like a miniature composition book!

The deck was printed by Expert Playing Card Company on Classic Stock/Finish in their Taiwan factory - known for their excellent quality in terms of feel and handling.

This is a limited one-time ever printing. Once they're gone, they will not be reprinted. Grab them while they last!

- 100% custom artwork
- Designed by James Howells
- Fun and iconic style
- Printed by EPPC on Classic Stock/Finish
- Side-opening tuck box
- One-way back design
- Terrific fanning deck

Customer Reviews

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Cool design

I love this card. Function is good love the feel. It just a cool design that I see my self admiring the design instead of using the cards.

Nostalgia pack of cards

I just think this is a cool pack of cards that gives some nostalgic feels. Nice hand drawn design artwork. Fans nicely and handles smoothly

A Campus Essential!

Although this deck is from EPCC alot of my decks are but this deck is almost like a brick of plastic but they do well with anything with aerials or springing or dribbling anything else is amzing I think I might have a defect on the cards that's why I'm eating it this high overall it is a needed deck I'm buy another one to test and maybe review it again!

Thank you do much for your purchase and reviews

Composition cards

This deck is great. Bought them for my kid. He loves them. Design of the back and face are excellent. Highly recommend for anyones collection.

That's awesome! Thanks Guillermo

It was an okay deck

Stock felt a little thick. But other than that I loved them

A Ned’s declassified school’s survival guide must have

Honestly I haven’t even open it, I just got it cause it reminded me of the show.

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