Cardistry Ninjas Remix

LIMITED EDITION! Will NOT be reprinted.

This is the BOLDEST and most visual deck De'vo has ever produced! This is a REMIX of the extremely popular Cardistry Kiwi Ninjas and Cardistry Wildberry Ninjas. Standard fans produce a Kiwi fan and reverse fans produce a Wildberry colored fan. With its supreme handling abilities and De'vo's Twin Tip Mirror Back principle that makes this deck change as you handle it, it's a MUST HAVE for ALL card lovers!

De'vo co-created the art form of doing pure card manipulation separate from magic and has created the world's first manipulation decks for this art. De'vo is the world's foremost authority on functional playing card design and manipulation. Cardistry Ninjas takes functional design to the NEXT LEVEL by offering many different looks depending on how this deck is manipulated. This deck has De'vo's "Twin Tip" signature design, meaning that you can shuffle them normally without mixing up the cards for both the faces AND the backs. This deck is PERFECT for magicians, card manipulators, poker players, collectors and especially those who want something bold and different! Know a card lover? Then this is PERFECT for them!

Like all of De'vo's cards, these are LIMITED EDITION! Get yours today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works perfect

Have this deck in my rotation of decks I used and I cant wait to always use this deck. It feels nice in the hands and very easy to manipulate

Awesome! Thanks Chanz

Absolutely solid first deck of cards. Bought these and the Draconian Wildfire deck and they are perfect. The only strange thing is they are slight con-caved.

Very Durable

Beside being the most durable deck I have bought, the cards weigh less than the virts. After 40+ hours of handling them they spread like new.

Happy to hear this, thanks Philip
Great Deck

I’m new to playing cards and this is my first deck that wasn’t bicycle. They feel is amazing, you can tell they are quality!!!

Perfect cards for Cardistry

the design on the back makes a nice pattern while juggling with your cards, the two double-back cards give options for a little magic ;)

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