Cardistry Ninjas Remix

LIMITED EDITION! Will NOT be reprinted.

This is the BOLDEST and most visual deck De'vo has ever produced! This is a REMIX of the extremely popular Cardistry Kiwi Ninjas and Cardistry Wildberry Ninjas. Standard fans produce a Kiwi fan and reverse fans produce a Wildberry colored fan. With its supreme handling abilities and De'vo's Twin Tip Mirror Back principle that makes this deck change as you handle it, it's a MUST HAVE for ALL card lovers!

De'vo co-created the art form of doing pure card manipulation separate from magic and has created the world's first manipulation decks for this art. De'vo is the world's foremost authority on functional playing card design and manipulation. Cardistry Ninjas takes functional design to the NEXT LEVEL by offering many different looks depending on how this deck is manipulated. This deck has De'vo's "Twin Tip" signature design, meaning that you can shuffle them normally without mixing up the cards for both the faces AND the backs. This deck is PERFECT for magicians, card manipulators, poker players, collectors and especially those who want something bold and different! Know a card lover? Then this is PERFECT for them!

Like all of De'vo's cards, these are LIMITED EDITION! Get yours today!

Customer Reviews

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Great deck!

I love the feel of this deck and it’s great for cardistry, the design makes them look much flashier than any other deck I have.

5 stars

I think these cards are one of the best decks I've had, they are good for cardistry, and they especially have a cool design.

Amazing deck

The deck I received was amazing. The shipping and delivery was efficient and serious.

Fun deck!

A fun deck for cardists as well as collectors (if you're into collecting cardistry decks as well as other types of decks, like myself). The colours are fun and bright, if you're into green and magenta. The black background does make the colours stand out, which is pretty cool! I'd also love to see it in white as well, with the same green and magenta design. Both decks would be great together! They definitely have super cool designs when doing flourishings, fans, spreads, etc. They handle quite smoothly and they feel great! They're USPCC cards, so you know right then and there that they're good quality cards! Another great purchase on 52Kards! I recommend this deck 100% !

Beautiful deck of cards with outgoing design

Let me get the negative out of the way first: The tuckbox. It's much too busy for my taste, with all the pips on, the title and subtitles and ninja logo. I think it could've benefited a lot from simplifying design by removing just one or two elements from it.

The cards themselves though have a fantastic design for cardistry. Lots of lines with various thicknesses emerge when fanning, cascading and spreading the cards, which makes it a joy to look at. I love the anonymous look of the court cards which fit well with the ninja theme. Their design is clean and classy (unlike the tuckbox.. :p)
The card's are printed by USPCC, so no surprises in that department.

Overall I recommend this deck if you're a cardist because Handlordz put such a high emphasis and effort on creating unique and beautiful looking patterns for cardistry.

Best place to get cards

This color card combination looks awesome

Thanks Robert

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