Bicycle Grid Blackout

LIMITED EDITION: Only 5000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

The very last of the Mythical GRID Series from the collaboration of 4PM and Gambler's Warehouse and printed by the USPCC.

There are pioneering decks that are ahead of their time. It was in 2012 when 4PM launched the first edition of the GRID Deck, a modern and minimalist design that was a groundbreaking success.

After it, the next edition 2.0, gave a twist to the designs incorporating special inks with interesting, glowing revelations under UV light. Since then, other versions have been created that have always combined a futuristic aesthetic with the best papers and finishes to offer an awesome quality product. The prices of all previous versions skyrocketed on eBay due to limited availability post Kickstarter and almost all sold out.

Now, Gambler's Warehouse and 4PM are honored to present the very last of the GRID Series: BLACKOUT.

  • 56 sleek custom playing cards
  • Black faces with silver and white accents
  • Manufactured on quality Bicycle® Classic stock paper
  • Custom face cards, Court cards, Jokers and tuck box
  • UV ink highlights
  • Bicycle limited edition - Only 5000 to be printed (no reprints)
  • Air cushion finish
  • Matte tuck box
  • Black and silver foil in tuck box
  • Inner silver foil in tuck box
    • Custom silver foil seal

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Jose Ybarra (Houston, US)
    Black out grid cards

    The delivery was quick. I think it took a total of 3 days. The cards are okay. I think I expected more. The design is a bit underwhelming. But they look amazing under a black light and I guess that was the pitch to begin with. So in that case I like them. I will still purchase cards from this website because you have an amazing selection. Thanks for hearing me out and keep up the good work

    You're welcome Jose, come back any time.

    Rainkss (Milwaukee, US)

    Nice card design and nice handling feeling.

    Chad Wentzel (Minneapolis, US)

    These are definitely a niche item, but well worth the expense for wow factor.

    Kyle Clover (Blytheville, US)
    Beautiful deck

    Look nice and feel nice, love the custom pips and the tuck, have yet to see it under a blacklight but even without that this is one of my favorite decks to my collection.

    Steve Ross (Oroville, US)
    Awesome cards!

    These cards are great! They look really cool under a blacklight.

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