Bicycle Deluxe



LIMITED EDITION: Will NOT be reprinted.

To see, to touch, to deal the Bicycle® Deluxe is to experience an otherworldliness. A sensation of perfection in your possession. A premium elegance and prestigious luxury afforded to only the most discerning.

The velvety lavishness of the tuck box fashioned from Black Vellum paper gives but a hint of the treasures inside. Enjoy this stylish exterior, laced in layers of stunningly reflective satin gold foil, even though your fingers will be itching to release the gems that lie inside.

No tuck has the right to feel this premium. Yet this most detailed of exteriors is the result of decades of playing card creative expertise, unswerving dedication to the art and craft of playing card design, and a single-minded use of only the finest materials.

Collectors, magicians, players and cardists who seek to make the ultimate statement of their class and quality shall surely find it here. For within the tuck is a deck hand-illustrated on linen stock with a supremely smooth coating that makes each card float across tables and glide during cardistry. There is strength coupled with the beauty, allowing the deck to take a step closer to the immortality each of us seeks.

Take time to admire the individual splendor and artistry of the 56 hand-illustrated cards. Each sports black and gold Renaissance style patterns on the reverse, tipping a nod to the past, yet with eyes firmly set on taking the fine art of playing card production into the future.

The attention to detail is immense, the embossed features adding another level of class and distinctiveness. Whether used to display or play, for magic or cardistry, this deck crafted by Elite and printed by the United States Playing Card Company is a limited-edition deck with unlimited powers to surprise, amaze and delight.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hunter (Dacono, US)

The delivery was very quick and the packaging was perfect. The deck I ordered arrived in perfect condition. I am very pleased and will definitely order again!

Brook (Anaheim, US)
Great cards

Amazing quality! We need to order more.

Collin Kelly (Fishers, US)
Great value!

Really awesome deck for the value. The tuck case it beautifully designed and the cards are familiar but with an elegant twist. Very happy with my purchase!

Maciej Mniszek (Wałbrzych, PL)

Cards came pretty fast, the box was untouched and packed very carefully :)

Glad to hear it, thanks Maciej.

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