Killer Bee


Killer Bees are the mutant hybrid of timid European honey bees and their African cousins. 

Like all superhero stories, the Killers were introduced to Brazil by mad scientists to help re-populate their diminishing Bee population.

But no-one could contain them...   

In 1957, 26 swarms escaped quarantine and declared war on the western hemisphere.

Danger lurking in the skies, these villains will stalk their victims for up to 1/2 a mile..

We wanted to capture the darker bodies of these cold-face killers in our deck. Creating a harsh black back with toxic-waste yellow honeycomb spilt on the back.

The black faces display custom pips and hold a sinister simplicity. Like something you'd expect to see on a discarded barrel of methylamine.

Killer Bees are the result of an unsanctioned lab experiment when toxic-waste spilled into a delicate hive of Honey Bees.

Get them before they get you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Anonymous (Denver, US)
This deck feels great!

Going from using a beat up bicycle deck to this one is like driving a go kart and then a Ferrari.

David Crowe (Charlottesville, US)
no-brainer, this deck is an insta-buy

at this price point you just can't find a better deck. maybe a deck that is as good if you are lucky but the woven feel, and the solid case, and the minimal design are so sleek. also their mission is unbeatable. SAVE THE BEES, SPREAD YOUR SEED !

Matt C (Belmont, US)
Nice Look and feel, but the edges quickly got scuffed

I love the look of these cards, the colors and graphics are excellent! The real downside and reason why I'm only giving them 3 stars is that the edges of the cards quickly get scuffed as I broke them in. Because the majority of the card is black, the scuffs show up very quickly and can look like distinctive marks. Maybe it is because I am new to magic and have been rough on them that the edges have gotten scuffed. Either way, that has been the only drawback for me.

Lior Ben shushan (Tel Aviv, IL)
Awesome deck!!

I love the design and feel of this deck and it's becoming one of my favorites decks out of all the cards I got. Definitely a good buy !

John Bryan
Killer purchase

Amazing pack. Love the design and the cards are top notch. Very slippery out the pack 👌🏼 I look forward to breaking these in

T.Y. (Sakaki, JP)
Very cool!

The deck's design is so cool!
I wanna other decks.

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