Keepers are the lighthouse and saviour to your work with cards.

Conceived by Adam Wilber and brought ashore by Oban Jones, Keepers are possibly the rider-backs of the future.

A beautifully classic design that stays quiet while your magic does the talking.

Created with the worker in mind, Keepers feel spectacular right out of the box.

Opening a standard deck is a chore. 20 minutes are instantly wasted breaking them in and smoothing the edges. A nightmare for any worker.

You want a deck to instantly feel comfortable in your hands, as an extension of you.

With stock as thin as a grain of sand, and a feel as soft as the splash of a gentle ocean wave. Keepers set a new expectation for what an everyday deck should feel like.

Designed with the most common deck in mind. The Keeper Deck is an advancement of a superb classic.

The backs color was specifically chosen to invite trust, and go un-noticed by your audiences. Perfectly complimented by the recognizable pips and faces of a standard deck, featured on the fronts.

With the only tweaks being a custom Keeper Ace of Spades and the faces of the Jack and Queen of Clubs. An everlasting tribute to the creators' beautiful Wife.


Customer Reviews

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Thin Stock

These cards have a thin stock that makes them easier to handle out of the box. They are very smooth and still need to be worn in a little. The box and card designs are perfect for doing tricks with because they seem familiar to people. The custom faces on the Jack and Queen of clubs are a little jarring. The thin stock makes them more flexible but also prone to bending if you aren't careful.

Overall, a great deck to perform magic with.

Great deck to have.

I got this deck of ellusionist a week ago and I've been abusing it since. This deck feels great, the stock is extremely thin, probably the thinnest cards out there and the still durable enough to suffer the abuse I put them through (I do leave the house for week at a time and a carry them in my pocket the entire, sometimes even when I'm asleep).
They handle great, they are really soft so they spring really easily. They have ellusionist quality finish on them (performance coat) so they fan and spread perfectly. They do start to clump up just a bit after a couple of hours unlike other casino grade cards out there though.
Its easy to faro those cards both directions because the are so thin (They do have modern cut).
Overall those cards are plesure to handle. Its cheaper for most of the world to buy those from here if you want to buy just a couple because of the high price ellusionist charge with their 9$ shipping, If you want to get a brick of those it cheaper to get them directly from ellusionist though you want be able to pick up cards from other companies like you can from here.


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