"I didn't know that a deck of cards could look so beautiful" is only one of a lot great reactions from laymen who have seen the Innocence Playing Cards. The deck served as canvas for the artist to express the paradox of love and suffering. You will notice the love in every detail awakened by emotions, which makes this deck unique in its kind.

This is the second print run of the Innocence Playing Cards which differs visibly from the first run due to the matte white tuck box and the redrawn standard face cards.
  • Double backer gaff card
  • Eight of Spades duplicate
  • Completely custom fronts and backs
  • Premium (Bee) thin crushed paper stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Air cushion finish
  • Printed by the US Playing Card Company
  • Limited 2500 decks

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ali Alfailakawi (Boardman, US)
Amazing deck

I love the black and white color scheme and this deck delivers. I really love this deck especially the jokers.

Logan Hammerer (Vancouver, CA)
Love The art

I bought a mixed brick and this was my favourite deck of the bunch. The artwork is amazing and the finish is great as well.

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