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The V2's, to me, have such a candy/tasty color vibe to them. Various shades of blues, yellows, and reds come together to make these cards a vibrant fashion statement while in your hands.


Picture this, you're at a party and one of your friends tells a bunch of people that you're a magician. Those people immediately think of their cringey uncle who knows one self-working card trick that he does at every family gathering...not a good visual. They ask you to show them something, so you go ahead and whip your deck out (puns) and as you do so, the light catches on the foiling of the box and the cards which draws everyone's attention to you and your deck. All of a sudden you notice people start cheering and asking you for your autograph before you've even done a trick because they know that you must be a big f-ing deal if you have a deck that looks this good #BigDeckEnergy.

Manufacturer and Card Stock

For the V2's, I tried to find a manufacturer who would be able to do all the different colors of foiling on the cards and box. Turns out that any more than 2 colors of foiling makes the process very difficult. The only company to come back to me with enthusiasm to find a way to make these a reality was Cartamundi in Belgium. These guys are the legends behind decks such as: Regalia, Ravn Playing Cards, Cardistry Touch, Copag 310's, etc., etc., etc.


  • Standard Poker size
  • Superlux paper stock, especially selected for cardistry and magic (snappy, soft touch perfect for springs and aerials).
  • True Linen B9 finish (developed purely for cardistry and magic. The True Linen structure gives the cards their distinctive texture. Topped off with N°9 Cardistry & Magic Varnish.
  • Cold foil

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kevin (Saskatoon, CA)
Implicit v2

These cards are beautiful. I'm pretty new to cardistry but I can fan these quite nicely!

Jonathan (Monterey Park, US)
Great deck

This deck is awesome. The foil finish is awesome.

Grace (Emu Heights, AU)

Cards look great. Quality is lovely.

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