LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

After years of waiting, we are now bringing back a new edition of Neon Lines - The Hyper Neon Playing Cards.

Designed for Cardistry, the Hyper Neons kept its original design with contrasting colours and trajectory lines, but with added circular lines and dots to make your cardistry moves pop out! Spreads, fans, displays, you name it, the Hyper Neons will boost up your flow as if travelling at hyper speed!

With the incredible work from ITS TEAM, the cards' faces have also gotten a fresher look. Each of the suits is having more details from the previous version, introducing more dimension to the deck. Whether you are spreading from the back or the face, with the added lines to the edges, you can now enjoy the beautiful flow of lines from the face of the cards.

The Hyper Neon Playing Cards will be printed by USPCC on their Bee crushed stock, perfect for showing off your speedy moves.

Limited to 2500 decks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carlos Fuentes (Phoenix, US)
Great Cards

Very happy with my purchase

Ashley (Knoxville, US)
Car Guy/Card Guy

My first passion is cars (Vintage Porsche’s specifically) and these remind me so much of the Martini Racing livery that I have them in my man cave with my posters and models. Just a badass retro color scheme and as expected great cards to work with too.

gary maslinski (Bethlehem, US)

They are amazing! Feel great

JJ (Albuquerque, US)
Hyper Neons

Honestly I really love these cards. I’m not great at cardistry or anything, but they look and feel great. Beyond that my order actually came ahead of schedule which was really nice. Can’t recommend this enough.

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