Giant Close-Up Pad


After a year of searching and prototyping, Vanishing Inc. is proud to introduce an EXCEPTIONAL casual close-up pad that is designed to last longer than any similar pad at a price everyone can afford.

Here's what you need to know:

Massive Size

Saying this pad is "giant" is actually a bit of an understatement. This thing is ENORMOUS! At 39 inches across, it is the perfect surface for all of your favorite coin tricks and card tricks. You can ribbon-spread an entire deck of cards to the point of being able to clearly see every index-making it perfect for those effects where multiple spectators select cards.

The BEST Color

After years of testing an absurd amount of close-up pads, Joshua Jay is adamant that black is the best color for a close-up pad. Red and blue offer poor contrast and green looks like a roving casino. But black, on the other hand, shows everything from coins to cards with ultimate clarity while also beautifully masking dirt and lines. As an added bonus, the bold pitch-black color of The Giant Close-up Pad makes it an ideal surface for black art.

Built to Last

Despite being thinner than almost all other close-up pads, The Giant Close-up Pad is also incredibly durable thanks to a composite rubber base and a resilient velvet surface. Unlike other pads that have a foam center, which can wear out over time or cause wrinkles, this pad is built to withstand a lifetime of use. It can be folded, rolled, scrunched or pulled without any fear. Simply put, it's been built by workers FOR workers.


Unlike Vanishing Inc.'s more luxurious pads with rigid backings and ornate embellishments, this is not a pad reserved for special occasions. The Giant Close-up Pad is the type of pad you toss in your luggage, use behind the bar or add to your practice table. In fact, since it costs less than one-third of the price of similar pads, you can just grab one for every situation.

Dimensions: 39" x 19"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Castillo (Kapolei, US)
Great card mat

This mat is huge. Seriously huge card mat. Would be great if they had different levels of thickness. The felt is so smooth. Either way the size and felt are amazing. I do like a bit more thickness but the mat is still wonderful.

Mason (Denver, US)

I love this mat! The size is perfect and I love how it rolls up and the packaging. The only thing I’d change about it is the thickness. It still works great how it is but a little thicker would be nice for making false shuffles and stuff a little easier. Although being thicker would be nice, don’t let that deter you from buying this! It’s really incredible and I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Carrie Johnson (Denver, US)
Great Product

Great quality, and love the texture. You get a lot of quality for your money.

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