The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. When we took our world apart and examined its make up, we were left with four simple elements. Earth. Air. Fire… and Water.

This is the first of those discoveries, born from the graceful flow of water.

"A strange twilight world opened up before me, and I felt as the first man to set foot on another planet, an intruder in this mystic garden of the deep."
- Jules Verne, 20000 Leagues Under The Sea

Customer Reviews

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Caleb Johnson (Melbourne, AU)
The best

These are my fav cards, I found these on the internet and they looked gorgeous so I bought them and I was not disappointed, the design is perfect and it all matches so clean and they are so nice to use

Michael D (Columbus, US)

Nice cards, play and look very nice.

Designed by the great Lee McKenzie , we love this deck. Thanks for the review Michael.

Luke Border (Lewis Center, US)

really great deck. love the feel. would 100% recommend

Wendell Risher - Flowers (Brighton, US)
Fathom Cards

Love the cards
Feels good
Got them as a collector present to myself for my birthday

Branden Mullins (Imperial, US)

I love the design, and the way they handle, they are also very comfortable

Stephen B.
Nothing less than I'd expect.

Fathom cards provide a much more appealing fan, both in execution and appearance, than any other deck I've ever used. They are still crisp after all the wear I've put on them since they arrived. I'm sorry to be saying this, Asad, but I think I prefer these over the Mint deck. That's not to say I won't return to Mints once mine wears out, but I'm just using them as a point of comparison to my new Fathoms. Fathom feels lighter, lifts easier, and while I like the Mint marking system, I feel that, even though the cards are the same size, Mints feel smaller in my hands. Apart from card review, customer service was great, as expected, and I will be returning for more in the future.

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