Erdnase 1902 Blue Smith


This white and blue deck is a unique hybrid design that can be used for gambling routines and sleights, as well as effects that require or benefit from white borders. These commemorative decks, designed by Guy Hollingworth (with additional face artwork by Dan White), are printed on exclusive Bee Casino paper and are made with a special coating to ensure the best handling. They’ve been cut the same way as Richard Turner has his cut so they faro and shuffle extremely well. These are actually our best handling cards to date! If you loved the last decks, the Smith No. 2 Blue will blow you away.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Miguel Mireles (College Station, US)

Perfect man, holy doodo it’s perfection at its finest

Ilya S (Mississauga, CA)
Great deck!

Amazing deck with a great back design!

Julian Vaca (San Diego, US)

Handle amazingly, simple back design, overall a great deck.

Janet B.
These are excellent for sleight of hand magic.

These are very, very nice cards for many reasons. One being how well made they are, the stock is great and they are traditionally cut so they fan and spread very easily and they last a long time. The best part though is the back design, upon first look it may seem less than ordinary but it is indeed very clever. It’s as if it is bordered and borderless, there is a border but it isn’t a defined border so it allows you to still have upside down cards but as well gives the advantage of a borderless deck. Advantages like how well passes look, as well second deals, bottom deals, and centre deals. All this makes for a must have deck of cards.

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