Dragon Back


The dragon back design was found in the archives of the United States Playing Company, makers of Bicycle cards for over 125 years. It was put back into production recently and has become one of their most popular designs. The intricate latticework and the Asian theme make these particularly beautiful gifts in this Year of the Dragon. 


Customer Reviews

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Super Excellent!

Super great feel. love these cards so much i might get all of the dragon backs now!


the back design is great and they do not require much of a break in, but in terms of handling, I do not like them that much. they feel good right out of the box, but after a while they start to clump. they feel very standard. the ace of spades is just a standard bicycle ace of spades. overall, it is not a great deck.

One of the best performance 1 could hope for

I'll start with the handling because this is the strongest point of those cards. They do require a 20 minutes break in time but this is nothing compared to what you get in the end. The cards are super soft and springy while being smooth doing that. They are just much higher quality bicycle decks, there is no other way to put it.
The back design, well you decide for your self but I quite like it.
The faces are standard if not just a bit darker on the reds and maybe a bit of added gold and green on the core cards.
Note that the hearts and diamonds are the same color as the back and the core cards colors are those of the back design as well. Considering that the red one is the most standard one.
If you can't get over the fact that you don't have to have standard deck in order to perform I would get just the red deck. I think that the blue and green are a great option to a performer to bring something new to the table, something that the spectator never saw before while keeping it quite minimal and not shady looking.
This deck does include one Guarantee joker, 1 color joker, 1 double backer and 1 ad-card.
Overall a great handling cheap deck that doesn't look like standard bicycle (god I hate the look of the standards).



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